Article: Children’s Patterns

ButterickPattern3039-GirlsBoysChildren’s patterns sizes correspond fairly closely to ready-to-wear sizes.Take a snug measurement of the child’s chest. Match to sizes in pattern catalog. For American patterns, if the child has a slight build, buy one pattern size smaller. If the child has a stocky or heavy build, buy one size larger.

Not all children fit in a standard size. For example, a tall, thin child may wear a large size in ready-to-wear just to get the necessary length. In this case a smaller size pattern, altered for length, would fit such a child’s small frame better. A chubby child may need a larger-sized pattern scaled down in length. Take child’s measurements before pattern shopping. If you are sewing with an American pattern and your child has a little fanny, try cutting four fronts rather than two fronts and backs.

Choose soft, flexible fabrics which are pre-shrunk and color-fast. Be careful not to make elastic too tight. Children, like adults, won’t wear uncomfortable clothes. If you like European styling, don’t overlook Burda children’s patterns. Styling is top-notch. Don’t forget to add seam allowances!  

Infants: For babies who are not yet walking.




Toddlers: Measure around breast. Toddler patterns are designed for a figure between a baby and a child. Dresses are shorter than the child’s dress and pants have a diaper allowance. Measurements are given in inches.