Placing The Pattern On The Fabric

PPKFImageHome from the fabric store and you are undoubtedly excited about starting your first pattern project!

In this episode, Sandra Betzina shows her daughter, Kim, how to determine which pattern pieces will be needed and how to get the pattern pieces properly laid out on the fabric.

Scroll down for step-by-step instructions. For more information, read Sandra ’s article, “Cutting Out”.




Looking at the guide sheet, find the section marked “layout.” Find the layout for the view you are interested in making.  Locate the layout for your fabric width, and circle it.


Move the major pattern pieces onto the fabric.


Consult your suggested layout and see if any of the pattern pieces are placed on the fold. This will be indicated on the pattern piece as well.


Anchor the pattern piece to the fabric.


Consult “layout” for approximate placement of each pattern piece on the fabric. Remember that the grainline on the pattern is parallel to the selvages of the fabric.