Christmas Stockings

XmasStocking1What You Need
– 1/3 yard of fairly firm fabric for each stockings, Suggested fabrics upholstery fabric, denim, felt

– 1/2 yard decorative ribbon or add as many ribbons as you want

– 1 package of ½ inch wide Steam-A-Seam 2– found in the notions section of fabric store

– Purchased stocking to use as a pattern

Putting It Together
– With fabric folded double, overlay purchased stocking. Trace around stocking shape, ½ inch bigger than stocking to allow a seam to sew it together and 1 inch at the top to allow for a hem.

– Cut out 2 stocking shapes. Separate the 2 cut out pieces, so that we can decorate one.

– Decide where you want the ribbon to go. Suggestions might be 2 inches down from the top edge and somewhere across the toe. Cut ribbon about 1 inch longer that it needs to be to go across the stocking.

– On the wrong side of the ribbon, press on strips of Steam- a-Seam2 on the top and bottom edge of the ribbon. Peel off the paper.

– Position the wrong side of the ribbon onto the right side of the stocking. Cover the ribbon and the stocking with a press cloth. Press well with steam, holding the iron in place for 10 seconds.

– Trim off excess ribbon.

– To create a nice finish at the top of the stocking without sewing, press on a strip of Steam a Seam 2 onto the wrong side of the stocking along the top straight edge. Peel off the paper. Fold down a 1 inch hem to the wrong side. Press again. Hem is now secure.

– Place the 2 cut out stocking shapes with right sides together. Sew all around raw edges, following the shape of the stocking, sewing ½ inch away from the raw edge. Leave the hemmed straight edge at the top of the stocking open.

– Clip into the seam allowance but not the stitching on the curves so that the curve will release when turned right side out.

– Turn the stocking right side out.

– If you plan to hang the stocking, make a loop out of ribbon or self fabric and machine sew it to the top corner.