PS Master Series DVDs

MasterSeriesThumbA must-have for your sewing library! This 7-Disc set, contains over 40 shows taken from the Power Sewing 2009 WebTV Show archives.


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#1 FABRICS: Learn from the experts, and skip the failures! Sandra and Ron show you how to work with knits, shearling and velvet.  Plus they share their favorite and least favorite fabrics. See the ones that created less-than-fabulous results.

#2 NEEDLES AND PRESSER FEET: There are basic needles and specialty needles made to work with specific fabrics. Sandra and Ron will show you some very special needles and presserfeet that will make your garments look sharp!

#3 PATTERN ALTERATONS AND INTERFACING: Create garments that “fit like a glove”! Sandra and Ron share their fool-proof methods to altering for the rounded back and upper arm as well as how to fit dolman sleeves. Plus, learn how to choose and use interfacing for basic tand master tailoring.

#4 DETAILS: The secret to creating professional-looking garments is in the details! Sandra and Ron show you how to work with place darts, tackle difficult seams and create perfect pleats. Learn to make your elastic waistbands lie flat and sleek and create collars that are sharp and crisp.

#5 BEHIND THE SEAMS: Sandra and Ron will show you how to work with bias binding to get the best results. Discover how to get 142 in. of continuous bias from a 16 in. square.  This technique is amazing!  Plus, learn a fool-proof method for lining a dress, how to shorten jeans as well as easy and fast hems and seam finishes that will make your garments look great, inside and out!

#6 HOME DEC: Create projects that will decorate your life! Sandra shows you how to create placemats and table-runners that look elegant and how to make your own duvet cover with matching European pillow shams!

#7 BONUS FEATURES: Watch as Sandra and Ron share how they got started in the sewing business and what keeps their passion for sewing going strong. Have fun at Power Sewing’s expense as you get the scoop on what really goes on behind the scenes! Plus, get three extra shows: Wild Ginger Pattern Software, Pressing Know-How and One-Thread Sewing!