Schmetz Designer Portfolio

SchmetzThumbSchmetz Needles recently invited Sandra to be a featured designer in the Schmetz Needles Designer Portfolio. The portfolio, along with the latest Schmetz products, were launched earlier this year at the Sewing & Stitchery Expo in Puyallup, WA  as well as recently highlighted in the May 2010 Issue of SQE Professional/VDTA.

Check out the coat that Schmetz’s Rhonda Pierce wore on the first day of the Expo. It’s a beautiful blue feather/velvet coat that she made using Sandra’s Vogue 1024!


The portfolio also features sewing industry super stars such as: 

  • Carol Ahles
  • Rebecca Kemp Brent
  • Connie Crawford
  • Louise Cutting
  • Debra Justice
  • Linda McGehee
  • Mary Mulari
  • Luveta Nickels
  • Janet Pray
  • Kaye Wood

To see the entire Schmetz Needles collection, read the Designer Portfolio and learn more about each of the featured designers visit:

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