Sewing Tip 1

Pillows“Use graph paper when you need to make paper patterns for small squares and rectangles. The lines on the graph paper can act as both a ruler and a cutting line, enabling you to cut your patterns to the precise measurements required.”

This tip can be easily applied to home dec projects, such as pillows. Pillows are easy to sew and provide options for every room in the house (from elegant pillows for your bedroom to a pillow where you can store the remote control).

Fabrics can range from silk brocade to sheepskin to tickingShirring, ruching and tufting can be used to create special effects. You can use zippers or even cover a pillow with no sewing at all.


Striped Ribbon Pillow

You will also discover that not all pillows are square. Forms in non-traditional shapes make fun projects and creating custom-made patterns to cover them is not hard. You can even make pillow fronts out of ribbons!

For couture pillows at your fingertips (and home dec projects ideas):

-Get your copy of the Pillows with a Punch DVD (Currently for $29.95)

-Refer to your copy of Sandra Betzina Sews for the Home

-To learn the definitions of many different fabrics and sewing terms, check out Sandra’s popular Sewing Dictionary and Fabric Dictionary.

Sewing Room Tip 1: