Tummy Camouflage

Tummy CamouflageOne of the most frequently asked questions is, “How can I camouflage my tummy?”

For starters, stop wearing clothes which are too tight!

With the exception of jeans, which can act as a tummy flattener, the waistband on a normal pair of pants or skirt should be snug but not so tight that it causes tummy bulge above and below it.  Loose fitting garments are a good solution, but not the only solution.

Here are a few tips that will also help to keep the focus off the tummy while looking fabulous:

  • V1184A loose over-blouse worn out can actually make you look bigger than you already are. Instead, tuck in your top but add a third piece such as a jacket or vest, worn open.
  • Long scarves knotted low can elongate the silhouette. (See Vogue 1184 – top right)
  • Princess seams in jackets and pants, if piped or topstitched in a contrasting color, are very slimming. This technique divides the body into smaller parts, elongates and takes away attention from the tummy.
  • Swing coats and sweaters which are fitted in the shoulders and bust, give a smaller appearance. They should flare subtlety, allowing the tummy to hide behind the flare. Peplums on blouses can have the same effect if the waist is not too tight. 
  • While dresses that belt or wrap at the waist are rarely flattering on this figure, one which wraps higher, under the bust works well.
  • V1096Empire-waisted styles also camouflage the tummy, but becareful that they are not too full or made in a stiff fabric or they will actually make you look bigger.
  • While your initial reaction to a bias cut garment would be to avoid it – bias can be a good friend to the tummy if the bias cut pattern is cut with enough ease. (See Vogue 1101)
  • Look for soft belts that can be belted at an angle over the high hip.
  • Longer skirts will make you look less boxy. (See Vogue 1082)
  • Pants with fullness at the bottom are very kind to this figure. Make them in a knit and you can avoid the zipper and use elastic in the waist.  (See Vogue 1096 – bottom right)
  • Avoid shiny fabrics on any areas you don’t want to draw attention to. Matte finish fabrics visually absorb weight.

One last thing to keep in mind, you are far more self-conscious of your tummy than anyone else. Over the age of 40, most women have a tummy so you are not in the minority.