Ribbon Insert

Ribbon InsertTry ribbon inserting technique and you’ll love the results!
NOTE: It only works on a straight seam since the ribbon will not follow a curved seam smoothly.
-Position 1/8-inch wide ribbon on the right side of the fabric with the edge of the ribbon falling a small amount into the seam allowance.
-Using an edge joining foot, move the needle so that you are sewing on the very edge of the ribbon that is on the seam allowance.

-Sew the ribbon to the right side of one piece of fabric.

-Sewing in the middle of the ribbon will hide too much of the ribbon once the seam is sewn.

-With the ribbon sandwiched in-between, pin the adjoining side of the seam so that right sides of the fabric are together and the machine stitches that attached the ribbon are visible.

-Sew right on top of the stitches that attached the ribbon. Press the seam open and the ribbon to one side.