PS Toolbox: Almost here!

Power Sewing Toolbox Volume 1Two days ago I received advanced copies of my 2 new books: POWER SEWING TOOLBOX 1 & 2.

Modesty aside, I am thrilled times 10 with the finished product:

  • Hardback with enclosed spiral so that it lies flat
  • Printed on high quality glossy paper stock
  • Step-by-step photos literally hopping off the page.
  • Written instructions in a size larger type and easy to read font enable me to actually read the copy without my glasses, AND
  • A super detailed index makes it easy to reference something later.

The books will arrive in my office December 3, so get your soon if you plan on getting them as gifts for the holidays!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

With Joy,

Sandra Betzina

Click here to order your copies today.