A Few Words on Working with Wool

WorkingWithWoolMy favorite wools for apparel projects are wools which drape.  

Menswear wools make great skirts and trousers since they are resistant to wrinkling.

Wool crepe and wool jersey are always a good choice since almost anything you make in them is a success.

Wools press well making them ideal candidates for tailoring projects such as jackets and coats.  Wool combined with lycra is also a favorite but since the lycra prevents it from getting a sharp crease in pressing, you will have to rely on topstitching or edge stitching to get the crispness you want.

Before cutting into your wool, preshrink it by holding a steam iron ½ inch above the surface of the fabric, passing the iron back and forth until you have covered the entire piece.  Wool crepe is the only one which must be preshrunk at the dry cleaners. Failure to do this will result in a garment which comes back from the dry cleaner one size smaller.  

Wools are not needle or thread particular.  Use a 80/12H for a woven and a 75/11HS for a knit.  Fusible interfacings are successful on wool, but do not move off of the pressing surface until the wool is completely dry.