The Secret To Sequins

SequinsBe sure to allow three times longer to work on sequins than any other fabric.

Sequins are great for simple collarless jackets, tops, straight skirts or strapless dresses.  Stick to simple styling. Avoid gathers, pleats and pockets.

Before you start laying out your project, place sheets under cutting table and machine table.  This will make clean-up much easier. Single layer layout, with pattern pieces placed with the sequin nap down, even if this means laying the pieces on the crossgrain. Use pattern weights. Pins are useless here. 

Allow for 1-inch seam allowances.  Cut out with old scissors. Sequins will nick the blades. Cut facings in coordinating smooth fabric.Sequins

Bias loops made from a coordinating smooth, shiny fabric make great closures. Hand-picked zippers are suitable for fitted garments.

Sewing Extras

  • Pull sequins out of seam allowances.
  • Do not cut threads.
  • Marry sequins on top side by letting sequins overlap one another, wich forces teh seam allowances open.

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