Garments to Make AND Wear

Garment RackThroughout the years, I have developed a way to figure out what types of garments I’ll love to make and wear.

There’s a series of questions that I ask when I am evaluating my wardrobe. 

The next time you think about overhauling your wardrobe or are about to make something new, try answering these questions:

1.  Why do you like your favorite garments so much? Look carefully in your closet and pull out five or six items that you love.  Examine these pieces carefully.

2.  What sleeve style and length do your favorite T-shirts have?

Sandra Betzina3.  What collar and pocket styles do you prefer?

4.  What kind of waistbands do your skirts and pants have?

5.  What length and width are your favorite pants? Note this measurement, and apply it to all future pants that you make.

6.  What style is your favorite skirt? Is it straight, gored, circular or A-line? What is the circumference? I like short, straight skirts with long jackets or sweaters. Gored skirts are my favorite in warm weather and I combine them with a tank top or close-fitting sweater.  The fabric that I use for these gored skirts is always drapey and often wrinkle resistant.

Are you ready to add add a few new garments to your wardrobe?  Power Sewing offers the following resources: 

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