Measurable Results

Measuring TapeYour waist size is one of the most difficult measurements to be honest about, especially if it’s over 30 inches (76 cm). 

In fact, many women don’t even realize that they are “cheating” when they take this measurement. 

Here’s a quick trick:

Hide the inces so that you’re forced to be honest!

How to Measure Your Waist

1.  Turn the measuring tape over so that the metric side is out. This is the side tht you’re going to use to take your waist measurement.

2.  Wrap the measuring tape around your waist.  Cinch the tape so that it’s snug but not uncomfortable.  Holdthe tape measure so that a finger is between the tape and your body.

3.  With the tape masure still wrapped arond your waist, sit down.  Is the tape still comfortable?  If it doesn’t feel  quite right, perhaps a bit snug, then let it out a little.

4.  Now open up the tape with your thumb on the centimeter marking for your waist measurement.  Look at the inch side.  The number at your thumb is your correct waist measurement.