Sewing Tip 58

sewing-tip-leather-seamOn long-pile furs, cut the seam allowances off. Loosen the top tension and sew with a 4.0 mm width and 2.5 mm length zigzag, letting the stitch fall on and off the fabric. Once sewn, pull the pieces slightly and the seam will lie flat with the edges butting together. When sewing on medium- to low-pile faux fur, after sewing 5/8-in seams with a long stitch (4.0 mm), obscure the seam by pulling hairs out with a knitting needle from the right side of the fabric. On the seam allowances, shave fur close with an electric shaver. Hold the seam allowances open and flat against the back of the fabric with Dritz WashAway™ Wonder Tape or an overcast stitch, catching only the backing in the stitch.