You Asked for It!


You asked for it – pictures of the garments I have in my closet. Check them out on my website where you click on closet. There you will find samples like the 3 coats I made from Vogue 1319. This coat looks great on so many bodies.

From November 3 to November 18, I will be taking a group of students to Vietnam. I took this trip 2 years ago and just loved Vietnam. I will post some photos on my facebook page.

Two of my latest patterns have been released, even though Vogue magazine did not put them in the magazine. If you are a subscriber, complain and maybe they will put them in again as they did for 13 years. Vogue 1333 has a draped front cowl neck blouse and side drape skirt. Both have a forgiving fit and are very flattering. Vogue 1334 has a super flattering blouse with drapes over the arm which make the arm look smaller. The pants have a wide leg at the bottom – just what is in fashion. Make these in a drapey knit and you will love them.

Happy Days ahead,