New “Today’s Fit” patterns and to pre-shrink or not

New “Today’s Fit” Vogue patterns released!


Today’s Fit V1355


Today’s Fit V1356





To Pre-shrink or not?

Is preshrinking always necessary? While my experience has been that if a fabric is 100% polyester it does not shrink, recently I have encountered a few polyesters that will not take stitching. Perhaps you have had this experience as well. Despite changing the needle, changing the thread, running Needle Lube on the needle and the thread spool, sewing with tissue paper between the feeddogs and the fabric; no stitch forms. Should you toss the fabric? No, give it one last chance, toss it in the washing machine with detergent and machine dry. The culprit behind the problem is the final finish applied to the fabric. Once unserviceable fabric becomes tame as a pussy cat.


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