Power Sewing WebTV Show Filming

The cameras and lighting are all set up as we film another season of Power Sewing WebTV Shows. Ron Collins is here and we are just finishing up a whole week of 10-12 hour days of filming. As usual we are over-prepared and so excited about showing you so many new ideas. It always amazes me that we can come up with so many new topics. That being said, that is why sewing is such a cool hobby. You can always learn something. We will be filming 30 shows, so both of us have spent alot of time ironing and doing detailed outlines. In addition we have both made lots of new clothes. Since so many have loved the classes I teach on Craftsy, I decided to take several of my patterns and make them step-by-step on camera. I am excited about this new way of presenting pattern instruction and I certainly hope you like it.

Stitch Away,