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(Preview) Episode 162: Puzzle Pant Construction (Vogue 1411)

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I’m so proud of the look and fit of these narrow pants!  The assembly might be why they fit so well, I call it the puzzle pant because one view has lots of seams, enabling alterations and cool top-stitching details. If you have the pattern, Vogue 1411,  I invite you to put the pieces together as you watch the show.  Ron and I will lead you through all the seemingly tricky assembly and once you see the show, you will be able to put this pant together in your sleep. Then when you put them on, I think you will understand why they are so flattering!  I have 6 pairs of Today’s Fit V1411 and it is my favorite pant! (Time 24:08)

Offered for Free at http://www.powersewing.com/free-episode/episode-162-puzzle-pant-construction-vogue-1411-2/


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