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Sandra Betzina has been supporting Project Mercy and traveling to Ethiopia for the last six years to teach sewing.

Power Sewing is donating 5% of all Web-TV Show enrollments to support Project Mercy.


Founded by a tireless, Ethiopian couple named Marta and DemekeTekle-Wold, Project Mercy is an incredible program that “promotes education, health care, and other holistic community development projects to create economically independent communities with high ethical and social values”.


Project MercyMarta and Demeke established the Medhane-Alem School and Glenn C. Olsen Primary General Hospital, outside of the town of Yetebon, located about two hours from the capitol of Addis Ababa. The school has approximately 1500 students ranging from Kindergarden through twelfth-grade and is free to those admitted.


Project Mercy Project Mercy

The school has established a sewing program that provides students with skills necessary to go out become a productive part of their community. Even though I have been to Yetebon numerous times, it has been difficult to keep the sewing program running when I am not there.

What the school needs is someone who would be willing to live there and teach sewing until someone local could be trained and motivated to continue the program.

Project Mercy needs funds to continue all of the programs and good works that they do. To learn more and to donate, visit

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