Sandra’s Closet

Everytime I go to a trunk show I get a chance to talk with sewers about my patterns.  They ask all kinds of questions and have fabulous ideas on ways to change the pattern look.  I always get so inspired, I thought I would show you some of the varied construction possibilities!  For instance, I was asked how Vogue Pattern 1297 would look without pockets, so I made a dress without the pockets and I just love it! These are from the patterns I design for Vogue, some are new and will be in the “New” Vogue Pattern book and some are my tried and true favorites.  I hope you like them and enjoy making for yourself!


Vogue 1528

Boiled Wool with eye & hook tape closure

Vogue 1515

Textured wool double knit and lined both tricot

Vogue 1477-Dress

Rayon/Cotton Knit

Vogue 1477

Poly-Rayon Knit

Vogue 1477

Cotton/Rayon Knit

Vogue 1477 – Top

Vogue 1477

Rayon/Cotton Knit

Vogue 1456 – Vest

Vogue 1456

Vogue 1453

Wool crepe

Vogue 1411

Stretch Leather & Suede

Vogue 1456

Vogue 1453 – Vest

Vogue 1430

Wool Gauze

Vogue 1429 Top

Vogue 1390 Dress

The cobalt blue dress was made 1 size smaller in the body to give a smaller silhouette in the leather. Trim pieces were made in black suede

Vogue 1243_C

Silk & Poly Crinkle

Vogue 1390 Dress

The hot pink and coral fabric was painted by Ann Bowker, which even in a small piece gives a big impact. The trim pieces were made in black cotton pique.

Vogue 1385 – Blouse

Vogue 1385 Jacket

Vogue 1385 Jacket

Vogue 1376 Tunic & Vogue 1411 Pants

Vogue 1364 Jacket

Vogue 1355 Top

Vogue 1334 – Pants

Vogue 1334 Pants

Vogue 1292 Skirt

Vogue 1292 skirt is made in a cotton lycra knit. The skirt is lined in a polyester knit. Lining this skirt is optional.

Vogue 1260 Polycrepe

Vogue 1260 Blue

Vogue 1260 B is made here in silk crepe de chine with ruched sheer net as trim. Buttonholes were put in after trim was applied. Upper buttonholes are just for decoration since the neck cuts away at the bust. Silk organza was used as the interfacing.

Vogue 1260 View B

Vogue 1260 view B with short sleeves is made in crepe de chine, cut on different grainlines to give it more interest. A pleated satin trim was used on the collar, shoulder seam and down the front. Silk organza was used as interfacing.

Vogue 1260 T

Vogue 1275 with the unruched front is such a wonderful t-shirt. It is made here in a cotton/lycra with sheer mesh ruffles. If you knit has a lot of crosswise stretch, stay tape the front fold to prevent stretching. Finish the back and side neckband first. Turn under the front fold at the neck. Slide the neckband behind the fold and bar tack in place.

Vogue 1036

Vogue 1036 is made unlined in a linen batik, which is no longer available. This is one of my favorite coats to wear because it is well shaped, not too tight and not too loose. It has great detailing on the sleeve and wonderful pockets. If you have a bit of a tummy, pretest the bottom band so that you will know what size to cut for the band so that it will button.

Vogue 1355


Vogue 1262 Inside

Here I have turned Vogue 1262 coat in wool crepe wrong side out so that you can see the fun lining.

Vogue 1262 Black

Vogue 1262 short coat in black wool crepe. Whenever I make a plain black garment, I try to make it look more interesting by contrasting the collar and cuffs a pleated black silk. I also use a jazzy lining.

Vogue 1291 Silver

Vogue 1291 is made here in a silk charmeuse for all pieces except for the front which is made in silk chiffon with palettes sewn on by hand. I bought this piece of fabric in Slovenia. I couldn't resist.

Vogue 1291

Vogue 1291 is made here in a silk chiffon worn over a camisole. This blouse is sooo beautiful on.
Since we can't rely on stretch for fit at the bottom of the top, make a pretest of just the bottom 6 inches in a woven so that you can be sure to cut the right size.

Vogue 1260 Blouse

The plain princess style is perfect for this cut up kimono fabric. This view has a close fit so add fit insurance at the side seam so that you will have options on how snug you want the fit.

Vogue 1243 Weave

Vogue 1243 A is made from one layer of fabric in a very open weave linen. The sides, front and hem are finished by turning under 2 inches for a hem. The sides are closed from halfway up the side to the hem 2 inches from the finished edge, leaving an opening for the arm at the side seam from halfway up the side to the shoulder. I cut off the selvage and used it as trim on the front edge.

Vogue 1307 Pants

These front pleated pants are made from a wool/cotton blend. These pants look great on everyone. Pretest the yoke in a scrap and then simply cut that size. These pants are so fit forgiving. I have now made 6 pair of them and always get tons of compliments.

Pleated Skirt

This skirt is made without a pattern from 2 sunburst pleated panels, purchased from Haberman Fabrics. Habermans also carries the wide elastic attached at the top. Instructions to made this skirt can be found in the pleated skirt class from Power Sewing online classes.

Vogue 1197 Tunic

Vogue 1197 tunic is made in a polyester knit using the small collar, cut on the fold. Cut only 1 collar on the fold, not 2.

Vogue 1197 Narrow

The width of this pant is just right, not too tight like a legging, just slim enough to slide off of the legs. This pant is made from wool double knit. and lined in a lined polyester knit.

Vogue 8151 Wrap T

Vogue 8151 wrap top is made from a cotton, lycra knit, cut on the bias for back and right side and straight grain for sleeves. The left front was cut in a companion fabric which matches the pull on pants.

Vogue 1243 Knit

This top is made from one layer of cotton knit. Instead of lining, a 2 inch facing is turned under for the sides and the front and neck edge. The armhole opening at the side is formed by sewing halfway down the side seam, leaving the upper half open.

Vogue 1333

Vogue 1333 skirt in a polyester knit is worn here as a dress, held up by narrow elastic at the top of the yoke.

Vogue 1319 Cashmere

Vogue 1319 view B with shorter sleeve is made in off white cashmere with leather detailing and antique buttons. The coat is lined with coat weight satin. I love this coat to death.

Vogue 1333 Skirt

This 2 layered skirt is made from a drapey polyester knit. The top layer can be omitted if you would like a good looking knit A line skirt. The waist is held up with narrow elastic at the top of the yoke.

Vogue 1262 Coat

This unlined coat is made from a medium weight cotton. The collar, cuffs and welts on pockets are made in a small wale cordoroy.

Vogue 1319 Lining

The lining in the blue crepe coat is silk crepe de chine.

Vogue 1319 Vietnam

This coat was made from a Vietnam bed covering with hand cross stitch. The coat is lined in china silk.

Vogue 1319 Blue

This coat is made in a double wool crepe with white wool trim.

Vogue 1297

I have had a lot of questions about how vogue 1297 looks without pockets. Here it is without pockets made in a polyester knit. This dress is so cute with or without pockets. If you do not like sleeveless, wear a lightweight t-shirt under it. If you like the pockets and you are short, move them up 2-3 inches. Another option is to cut off the top and wear it as a skirt.

Vogue 1276 Satin

This coat is made in 4 ply silk charmeuse. The front and hood are lined with a textured palette silk, which turns to the outside as a collar. The front and sleeves are trimmed in a pleated grosgrain ribbon. The sleeve cuff is made in a heavy satin.

Vogue 1319

This unlined coat is made from a tapestry fabric for the body a wool ribbed knit for the sleeves. A hem facing was made from a felted wool turned to the right side.

Vogue 1262

This unlined coat is made from a cotton border print.

Vogue 1276B

This wool boucle vest has a real beaver front lining which turns out into the collar. I love love love this vest.

Vogue 1276

This vest is made in wool boucle, using the selvage of the fabric as the belt. The coat is lined in wool jersey.