About The Map

FabricMapThumb150x150Welcome to our Material Map! CLICK HERE TO GO DIRECTLY TO THE MAP

Our goal is to make this the ultimate fabric and sewing material resource map. To achieve this goal, we are relying on our community to submit stores to us.

Fashion Fabric Stores, Quilting Fabric stores, Notions & Trim Stores, Sewing Machine Dealers and other Sewing Resources are all welcome!

Below are 4 easy ways how you can help:


Do you have a favorite fabric and/or sewing material store that you want to share with the world? Submit their information and we’ll list it for FREE! Click here to see a sample.


An Enhanced Listing will give the store a custom page on our site and  instantly provide customers the following information:

  • Photos of the store along with directions
  • Specials, Sales, Coupons, and More
  • A Web address linking to your site

For more information on our Enhanced Feature and to get started contact us at info@powersewing.com or 415-876-2434. Click here to see a sample.


Looking for a fabric or sewing material store? You can find it on our Google Map OR by looking in our Search Bar (located at the top of every page) and typing either the city, state, zip code or country. If you can’t find it, send us an email and we’ll list it for for FREE and for future reference to our community!

COMMENT ON IT (*Comments have been disabled)

If you have visited a store that is on our map and want to let the community know about your experience, leave a comment! When posting a comment, please remember to use the following guidelines:

  • Be respectful of comments and opinions.
  • Please do not bash a store. If you have a problem with a store take the issue up with the store itself.
  • Please do not spam.
  • If you would like to report any inappropriate posts, comments or replies send an email to support@powersewing.com.
  • Power Sewing reserves the right to delete any comment and to ban any community member from using comment feature and any other site features.