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Check out these great articles, written by Sandra for her YEARLY WebTV Students!

No. Title Description
1 Pillows by the Dozen Sandra talks about a pillow project she did with her daughter, Kim.
2 Sewing on Lycra Knit Sewing with Lycra Knit is not as easy as one may think.
3 Bias Skirt with Border Adding a border can be the answer to a skirt that is too short or just lacks interest.
4 Burn Test for Fabric If a fabric is pure, fiber content can usually be determined by what is often referred to as a “Burn Test”.
5 Tummy Camouflage Get tips that will help to keep the focus off the tummy while looking fabulous.
6 Twin Needle Seam This seam finish works well on curved or straight seams and equally well on knits and wovens.
7 Pants Fit Obsession Before you make another pair of pants, a brief analysis of your figure will help you choose a style which is flattering.
8 Darts: Friends of Foes The purpose of darts is to take out fullness where you don’t need it and give fullness where you do. Sandra gives you some tips on making darts work to your body’s advantage. With your new found DART POWER you will be able to solve a lot of your fitting problems.
9 The Scoop on Silk Get the scoop on several different types of silk, what to sew with them and the best notions and interfacing to use.
10 Ribbon Insert Try this ribbon inserting technique and you’ll love the results! NOTE: It only works on a straight seam since the ribbon will not follow a curved seam smoothly.
11 The T-Shirt Story T-shirts have become a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, but these are not the baggy T-shirts of yesterday. Today’s T-shirts fit closer to the body, are made in lighter weight drapey knits and sport styling details such as ruching, wraps, ties etc. The key to successful knit t-shirts is to start with a lightweight knit with good recovery.
12 Hand-Picked Embellishments Hand picking is a beautiful finish along the front edges, collar, cuffs and pockets of a coat or blouse. I have even seen it used on a waistband.
13 Clean Finish for Zippers Recently I found a pair of ready-to-wear pants where the inside of the zipper was far superior to any I had seen. Instead of serger-finished fabric along the edges of the fly extension, each extension was clean finished with interfacing!
14 Fabric Stores in Berlin and London I had the opportunity to take an amazing trip to  St. Petersburg, London and Berlin last year. Since I had plenty of time to explore everywhere I went, I found myself searching out button, trim and fabric stores. I found none of these in St. Petersburg, but I found a great stores in Berlin and London.
15 Perfect Seaming Puckered seams can be caused by sewing with the wrong needle for your fabric, wrong thread for your fabric or a combination of the two. That being said, your problem may have originated before the garment was even cut out. Many sewers do not realize the importance of accurate pattern alterations.
16 A Few Words on Working with Wool My favorite wools for apparel projects are wools which drape. Menswear wools make great skirts and trousers since they are resistant to wrinkling.
17 Freehand Embroidery Freehand embroidery can make stunning accents on collars, pocket flaps, cuffs and lapels or can be used to create a very wearable jacket or vest.
18 In Seam Buttonholes Well-constructed bound buttonholes can add elegance and value to your garment – most of the time. But in certain cases, buttonholes may be a detraction and a distraction from the style lines of your garment or from particularly distinctive or large buttons.
19 60-Minute Pant Pretest Before you make that next pair of pants, spending just an hour on a pretest will save you twice that much time ripping out seams later and will result in a pair of pants that is not only comfortable, but also flattering.
20 Power of Princess Seams While we’ve all heard that you get a better fit with princess seams, few garment sewers ever take advantage of just how great the fit could be.
21 Sewing with Silk Chiffon Silk Chiffon has a mind of its own. Do not attempt to work on this fabric when you are under time pressure. You and the fabric will end up in a standoff!
22 The Secret to Sequins Be sure to allow three times longer to work on sequins than any other fabric.
23 Jump Start Your Garment Sewing Once you are exposed to the world of buying fabric, there is no going back. Fabric store sells fantasies:  dreams of beautiful garments and places we will go wearing them. So let’s make some of those dreams come true!
24 Garments to Make “AND” Wear The next time you think about overhauling your wardrobe or are about to make something new, try asking yourself a few questions.
25 Measurable Results Your waist size is one of the most difficult measurements to be honest about, especially if it’s over 30 inches (76 cm).  In fact, many women don’t even realize that they are “cheating” when they take this measurement. Here’s a quick trick that will keep you honest!