Sewing With Silk Chiffon

Silk ChiffonSilk Chiffon has a mind of its own. Do not attempt to work on this fabric when you are under time pressure. You and the fabric will end up in a standoff!

Silk Chiffon is suitable for pants, loose tops, and flowing dresses. Look for loose-fitting simply styled garments with minimum seams and darts. Styles that are not full enough look skimpy.

Garment should be one-third to on half larger than your hip measurement and one quarter to one third larger than your bust measurement. If your hips are 40 inches, full pants need to measure 53-60 inches. for a 36-inch bust, the garment should measure 44 to 48 inches.

Silk ChiffonWhen sewing with this fabric, hold onto top and bobbin threads when you begin sewing to prevent it from pulling down into bobbin. Let fabric feed in naturally.

Sewing Extras

  • Preshrinking is not not necessary. Completed garment can be dry-cleaned or hand-washed in 1 tablespoon of shampoo. Airl-dry flat.
  • Use skin-colored organza for interfcing. Interface top collars and cuffs so that seam allowances wont’ show through.
  • Silk thread gives the best results because it marries with the silk. Polyester thread causes chiffon to pucker.
  • Press with a dry iron on silk setting. Make sure iron is clean. Steam will cause water spots unless fabric is pre-washed.

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