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Episode 229: Double and Wired Collars

Turn your collar into an important detail on your garment with the addition of wire, enabling you to shape the outside edges. Learn how to do this plus some other cool details for collars. (Time 11:15)

Episode 228: Band and Yoke Dress (Vogue 1530)

Vogue 1530 is sooo flattering. It must be made in a stretch fabric. Sandra made one in Scuba, Ponte’ and stretch leather and she loves them all. Sandra got the wild idea she could make it in a woven if she added a back zipper. Not a good idea! It works fine as a blouse if a bit tight but works soo much better in something with stretch. While this dress looks hard, it is not. Watch this show for time saving tips and step by step instruction. (Time 35:57)


Episode 227: The Swing Cardigan or Jacket (Vogue 1540)

You have no idea how much you are going to love this coat until you make it. Vogue 1540 can be made short or long, with or without sleeves. I made a vest in dark green wool with a curly lamb collar, another vest in upscale sweatshirt fabric, the coat in grey wool with faux fur trim. This pattern can literally be made in anything and so slimming due to the angular side panel. You will find it so easy to make once you see the step by step process on the show. (Time 58:21)


Episode 226: Making a Slip (Vogue 1386)

About 25 years ago when Sandra was in Florence, Italy she bought a stretch mesh slip. It fit so smoothly under everything. She had never seen stretch mesh at this time but bought the slip. She still wears it under everything. She copied the slip and it is part of the pattern Vogue 1386. The stretch mesh for the bodice and the lower slip is beautiful. Make one in black and flesh tone and you will never need another slip. (Time 17:43)

Episode 225: Square Seam Pockets

Learn how to make one of Ron Collins’ signature pockets where he places it within a cornered seam. Easy to do and very professional. Make your coats look fantastic. Ron uses one of his favorite men’s coat pattern, Vogue 9041.  (Time 39:36)

Episode 224: How to Make the Drapey Top (Vogue 1430)

If you are looking for a fun shirt, which can be worn belted or not, worn closed on both sides or left open and worn as a light jacket, this is it. Vogue 1430 is very fit forgiving and easy to make. Sandra leads you step-by-step through the process. Make it in any drapey fabric. If you make it in a knit, make one size smaller. (Time 50:02 )


Episode 223: Make The Cocoon Vest-Part 2 (Vogue 1528)

Because the style is so simple, this is where you can really have fun with seam finishes, details, hook and eye closures and making a fur collar. Have fun with it. I will sample how to make a fur collar to attach to the vest, Vogue 1528(Time 57:16)


Episode 222: Make The Cocoon Vest-Part 1 (Vogue 1528)

You will have fun making this cocoon vest. It is the perfect slip over anything piece. If you prefer it shorter, it is easy to shorten from the bottom. I made one in a checked wool, two in boiled wool. It is easy to make and fun to wear. (Time 40:34)


Episode 221: Problems With Vinyl and Zipper Dress Up

Working with vinyl is easier than you think if you know the tricks to help the fabric glide through the machine without sticking.  Stitch length and the presser foot must be changed as well or the seams will simply rip apart. Ron and Sandra solve the problems that arise when sewing with vinyl. In addition, with a bonus short tutorial, they will show you how to embellish zippers so that they can become a focal point like those seen in ready to wear. Due to the fact that many sewers have a hard time finding zippers that are funner and not boring. (Time 17:17)

Episode 220: Floating Welt Pockets

A floating welt pocket is easy to make and a terrific addition to any jacket, blouse or pair of pants. Such an easy pocket with eye catching results. Learn how to make it with Sandra and Ron’s instruction. (Time 18:21)

Episode 219: Serger Feet Magic

Your serger can do a lot more than you think it can. Watch this show to learn how a few presser feet on the serger can create professional looking results in no time at all. Ron uses Janome presser feet as examples. Sandra and Ron also talk about a Schmetz guide and app that helps you identify your needles. (Time 10:02)

*Click here for the Schmetz Needle Color Code Chart

Episode 218: Developing A Sense Of Style

Once in a while you meet a person who has real style. They always look put together. Develop your own based on your shape and lifestyle. Watch our next show for an interview with Catherine Jane, one of the individuals mentioned above and see what she has to say about style. (Time 34:11)

*Monique’s Boutique (Portland, OR) PH: (530) 294-0094 for lightweight long sleeve t-shirts.

Episode 217: Pattern Alterations

This show is about fitting women plus what alterations are needed for each pattern to work and we used a plus sized woman as our fit model. Not only does the pattern need width but length as well. See before and after pictures and what alterations are involved to get a flattering but very comfortable fit. (Time 33:18)

Episode 216: Ready-to-Wear Copy Secrets

Do you have a ready-to-wear piece that you love? Learn how to copy it and make it your own with a secret product in less time than it takes with paper. (Time 18:43)

Episode 215: Topstitching Know-how-Decorative stitching, Edge-stitching & Topstitching

No one does topstitching better than Ron Collins. Learn in-depth about topstitching, edge-stitching and decorative stitching. Watch our tutorial on how to do it so that it can become a pivotal detail because you will know how to do it perfectly. (Time 34:31)

Episode 214: Pop-Up Collar Top & Skirt (Vogue 1515)

Watch the tutorial on making just released Vogue Pattern, V1515, a pop collar top. It can be worn over a t-shirt, a dress or worn alone.  It takes no time at all to make and gives a so so outfit a real shot in the arm. You will love it.  (Time 24:04)

Episode 213: Color Blocking (Part 2)

After learning how to add color blocking details to a plain pattern in the 1st part of our Color Blocking series, watch part 2 for the continuation. Ron shows you how to put the pieces together since none of them are straight but mostly curved to adjust to one’s body. Seam lines must match not so much the cut lines. Plus Ron shows how to add a hidden placket to your color blocking garment. (Time 31:09)

Episode 212: Color Blocking (Part 1)

Color blocking is finally all over the place in men’s wear while we have been using it in women’s wear for years. Let Ron show you his technique which allows you to color block across the front and onto the sleeve with flawless matching! He used Burda 7045 as the base pattern and adjusted it. He also shows you how to change a basic front placket to a hidden placket (Time 17:31)

Episode 211: New Neckline Details

Our next show is on necklines – how to change them and make them always look professional. Ron Collins has 2 great, new neckline finishes to teach you. One involves single fold elastic, similar to bias tape, for knits. It can be tricky to attach for knits but Ron shows you how with a nice and tight finish. The second is a bound seam finish which is seen more in ready-to-wear garments. Enjoy it!
(Time 20:10)

Episode 210: Hand Sewing Techniques

Whether you love to hand sew or just the idea of it is not your cup of tea, watch our guest Barbara Beccio teach you a few tricks she has learned over the years. Barbara actually makes is look fun, right? She goes over different types of hems depending on fabric and garment. She teaches a cross-stitch for heavier fabrics, a hand roll hem for lightweight fabrics, some embroidery stitches and much more.

*Barbara Beccio will no longer be teaching at Stonemountain & Daughter but you can still learn from her. Here is her website with all of her class listings and information:

(Time 32:30)

Episode 209: Simple Shirt Placket

Ron Collins does it again. Ron shows you a new shirt placket with a classy twist that is more forgiving than anything in the past. It’s easier because the placket is in 2 pieces and is very different than a sleeve placket. Ron uses men’s polo shirt pattern, Jalie 3137, for the example placket. (Time 19:04)

Episode 208: Working With Ethnic Fabrics

Sandra has traveled around the world and bought some beautiful ethnic fabric and scarves. She loves to make garments from them and will show you the best way to use all depending on fabric, style and width. As a show example she uses the tunic pattern, Vogue 1376. (Time 36:26)

Episode 207: Decorative Knit Seams

We all love knits. Learn how to give classy detailing and finishes to knit seams so it will never look like it is one right off the rack. Ron shows some wonderful and innovative ideas. Especially great ideas for those that only have a basic sewing machine but no serger. Ron also shows some stitching on the Cover Pro to show a the variety of finishes and how to use it better. Examples: zig-zag stitch, overcast stitch, narrow twin and many more. (Time 31:45)

Episode 206: Shawl Collar & Lined Tuxedo Vest (Vogue 1504)

You are going to love both making and wearing this vest, Vogue 1504. Watch this show to learn how to make it professionally and quickly. Learn how to get those lapels to lie flat and insert a pocket where you can stash a key or a cell phone. (Time 48:13)


Episode 205: V-Neck Cocoon Dress (Vogue 1496)

If you love architectural shapes you should take a look at V-neck Cocoon Dress, Vogue 1496. Sandra leads you through step-by-step construction. She also recommends many ways to wear the the dress. The dress pattern has 2 different views. V1496 is simple, fun and easy to make in only a few hours. (Time 30:07)


Episode 204: Zipper Pocket Details

Zippers now seem to function as the new jewelry cloth. When combined with a pocket, they take on a useful but very cool looking function. See how to do it. Add some usefulness to your favorite pattern. Sandra is using one of her favorite pants, Vogue 1411, pattern as an example. (Time 25:47)

Episode 203: Unique Coat Collar Technique

Ron shows you a unique technique to make a coat collar less bulky and a better way to put the collar and collar band together. He eliminates the 4 seam allowance in one direction due to all of his experience working with heavy fabric because of living in Canada. Ron uses men’s coat pattern Vogue 9041 collar as an example. The coat, V9041, has more detail than one would think and has a great fit. (Time 39:02)

Episode 202: Face Waist For Skirts

When you look inside of a beautifully made skirt which is lined, the skirt is faced at the waist in self fabric with lining extending from the bottom of the facing. The patterns do not supply pattern pieces for this technique so let me show you an easy way to make them so that your skirt will also be beautifully crafted.  (Time 16:09)

Episode 201: Easiest V-Neck Insert (+ Button Upkeep)

We have all tried various techniques for making a V-neck insert and most of them are confusing and less than satisfying. I have come up with a new technique to the V-neck insert which is very easy. I don’t know why I had not thought of this before. You will love it.

We have also an added sewing tip about button upkeep. How to best dry clean or wash a blouse with very nice buttons without having to worry about them breaking or being damaged. (Time 21:39)

*Curve Runner Measuring Wheel by Claire Cochran information, click here.

Episode 200: Success With Jumpsuits

If you have never worn a jumpsuit, you are missing one of the most comfy but elegant looking pieces. If the jumpsuit is designed right, it is an easy on and off piece.  I owned a black wool jersey one in the 70’s and wore it twice a week at least. I have just finished designing a jumpsuit for Vogue Patterns, V1483, but I wanted to give you some tips on fitting the jumpsuit as well as what fabrics work the best for a slimming effect. (Time 15:48)

Episode 199: Most Recent Mistakes

As much as we love to sew, we all get frustrated with the mistakes we make. Take a look at some of the recent goof-ups of Ron and Sandra, while learning a tip or two to avoid more problems. They talk about preshrinking, needles for scuba fabric, when the serger takes bites of fabric, and so much more. (Time 12:48)

Episode 198: Christmas Tree Skirt

Customize your Christmas tree the way you give your special touch to everything else….. Ron and I show you how using satin to make a Christmas tree skirt.  (Time 31:02)

Episode 197: Twist Top Construction (Vogue 1477)

Anyone who loves a V-neck will love the twist top aka as the wrap top too. The neck is not too low or too high. The twist lies flat against the body. The longer version can be worn as a tunic or a dress. If the Vogue 1477 construction has confused you in the past watch my trick using big safety pins and you will know the secret forever. (Time 27:03)

Episode 196: Techniques For Knits & Inspirational Details (2>1 Shows)

In the first show, Ron and Sandra teach you what you need to know about knits and techniques to use when sewing with knits. Ron uses t-shirts and shirts he made from different knits using patterns Jalie 2918 and Jalie 3137. Techniques and details referenced are seams, chain stitching, buttonholes, pre-shrinking, interfacing, etc.

In the second show, Inspirational Details, they explain some fun, finishing details. Some of what is discussed are necklines, machine pad stitching, jacket seams and so much more. (Time 30:14)

Episode 195: Sashiko Plus

Learn even more about Baby Lock Sashiko stitching like stitching on knits. With help from Sandra, Ron and Evy Hawkins’ book Sashiko Techniques.

To learn about Sashiko from the beginning watch Episode 156: Mastering The Sashiko Machine. (Time 11:25)

Episode 194: Master Jacket Series- Tailored Buttonholes (Part 3)

Watch the third part of our Master Jacket Series as Ron teaches you how to make the perfect tailored buttonhole, bound and corded. He uses men’s pattern Vogue 8719 for step-by-step instruction but it easily works for women’s unlined jackets. (Time 22:06)

Episode 193: Master Jacket Series (Part 2)-Sewing in the Lining

Watch the second part of our Master Jacket Series as Ron teaches you how to sew in the lining to an unlined jacket. He uses men’s pattern Vogue 8719 for step-by-step instruction but it easily works for women’s unlined jackets. (Time 44:04)

Episode 192: Master Jacket Series (Part 1)- Lining An Unlined Jacket & Making a Lining Pattern

Watch the first part of our Master Jacket Series as Ron teaches you how to line an unlined jacket pattern, including the making of a lining pattern. He uses men’s pattern Vogue 8719 for step-by-step instruction but it easily works for women’s unlined jackets. Ron also discusses some of his favorite men’s patterns for jackets, trousers, vests and why they are: Vogue 8940, Vogue 8987, Vogue 8719 and Burda 7046. (Time 24:15)

Episode 191: Fit Before Cutting

You can avoid a lot of disappointments in fitting if you know where to measure the pattern before cutting. It does not take long and eliminates guesswork and and disappointments. (Time 39:47)

Episode 190: Designer Sleeve Plackets

Ron shows you how to show off your sewing skills with flawless sleeve plackets for any tailored shirt. He has found a new way to do a sleeve placket, which he claims is the easiest method yet. Watch DESIGNER SLEEVE PLACKETS and learn how.  (Time 24:29)

Episode 189: Zipper-Front Tunic (Vogue 1456)

If you loved making the puzzle dress (Vogue 1234), you will love making this one as well. Not only is this tunic fun to make but soooooooooooooo flattering on all bodies. See this pattern, V1456, made up in 3 different fabrics, then see how that pleat by the pocket goes together at the side so you can make your version without any hassles.  (Time 51:40)

For a limited time you can view this episode for free, click here to be re-directed to free show.

Episode 188: Sailor Pant Construction (Vogue 1464)

I have wanted a well fitting sailor pant for years. I tried other sailor pant patterns and the legs were huge so I decided to make my own pattern for Vogue Patterns. This pattern is so flattering with or without the sailor front detail. Make it in a stretch woven and you will get the close fit you want. Watch our show and you will learn the easy fast way to do the sailor detailing in pattern Vogue 1464. (Time 40:04)

Episode 187: Shirred Top Construction (Vogue 1452)

If you love the look of a jumpsuit but hate the inconvenience of trips to the bathroom, this is the pattern for you. Since the knits vary so much in stretch and the top is shirred, take a recent set of measurements and don’t forget to add fit insurance at the side seams. This top is easier to make than it looks. Make your own version of Vogue 1452 with a little help from Sandra Betzina.  (Time 22:51)

Episode 186: Comparison of Pattern Sizes

We have all experienced the frustration of making something from one pattern, discovering it is way too big, then using the same size from another pattern to discover it is too small. Watch our show comparing pattern sizing which will shed some light on the subject. (Time 21:28)

Episode 185: Repurpose Your Kimono

Re-purpose a beautiful silk kimono into a more wearable but equally beautiful vest and other suggestions. Also Sandra shows you how to press the seams and this fabric. Blouse pattern used for vest is Today’s Fit V1443 in a sleeveless style. Plus other garment ideas for fabric from India and Vietnam. (Time 15:13)

Episode 184: Tricks With Trim

There is nothing that sets a beautifully made garment apart as well as subtle but well placed trim. Of course it must be executed perfectly. Watch our show and see how the pros do it. Trim examples used are pleated petersham and narrow 1/4″ twill binding. (Time 14:33)

*Sandra is wearing Today’s Fit V1385

Episode 183: Cool Camp Shirt

Just in time for warm weather, Ron is making a camp shirt. It is easy and you know how Ron is with details. Watch it and be inspired.  Ron is using Vogue Pattern 8800 (Time 61:47)

*Sandra Betzina is wearing Today’s Fit V1390

Episode 182: Simple Bias Draping (Part 2) – Making The Pattern

In continuation from Episode 181….Once a fabric has been draped on the body, learn how to make a pattern from your draping so that you can use it again and again. Make yourself a classic pattern will never tire of. (Time 27:35)

Episode 181: Simple Bias Draping (Part 1) – Draping The Fabric

Watch Paul Gallo drape bias fabric on Sandra to create a simple elegant dress and let him lead you through the bias draping process as you learn what to do. (Time 17:28)

Episode 180: Finishing Touches

Finishing details can be perfect if you master the techniques.  Learn how to make armhole bindings, miter a corner, make the perfect buttonholes or sew a baby rolled hem on silk.  (Time 30:10)

*Sandra is wearing top version of Today’s Fit pattern V1385

Episode 179: Men’s Trousers (Part 4)

A truly, fine tailored suit is not finished without detailed finishing touches on the trousers which include the waistband and belt loops. After all, if you are going to all the trouble, make it truly special! (Time 34:09)

Episode 178: Men’s Trousers (Part 3)

Ron shows you how to get the correct and most flattering placement for darts and welt pockets in pants. Then learn the secret about making the perfect waistband with the wide seam at centerback. (Time 41:50)

Episode 177: Asymmetrical One-Strap Dress (Vogue 1442)

Warm weather is coming and you will want to wear this dress. Yes it is sleeveless but it also looks terrific with a lightweight T-shirt under it.  I love it in a striped double knit but it also works in wovens.  Construction is easy and it hides any mid or lower body issue. I have made 2 in silks. I underlined one of the silk dresses which gives it more body, but the silk one which is not underlined is sexier. (Time 25:24)

Episode 176: Asian Blouse Construction (Vogue 1443)

Not only have I made four blouses from Vogue 1443 view A but I also made the same view from a Japanese kimono. See how to construct this blouse. Such a terrific pattern, slimming and very feminine. (Time 51:34)



Episode 175: Men’s Trousers (Part 2)

Continuation of the correct construction for men’s trousers which is different. This is the second of 4 in a series, they are covering the zip-front fly (start to finish) and finishing the front pockets. Ron uses men’s pant pattern Vogue 8988 to demonstrate. (Time 25:30)

Episode 174: Men’s Trousers (Part 1)

Construction for men’s trousers is different and if you want a man to wear these pants, you better use the correct construction. This is the first of 4 in a series, pattern pieces, underlining and front pocket will be covered. Don’t miss it, lots of info. Ron uses men’s pant pattern Vogue 8988 to demonstrate. (Time 43:49)

Episode 173: Felt Collar Technique

Flip up the collar of your husband or boyfriend’s favorite suit and you will find a felt collar sewn on by hand. The felt collar is one of the secrets to the ultra flat lapel. Learn how to install the felt collar anywhere you would like to decrease bulk. Ron uses men’s pattern Vogue 2836. (Time 53:21)

Episode 172: Special (2 for 1)=>Making a Headband & Making a Tortilla Warmer

As we all scramble with last minute gifts, I thought I would send a few ideas, for 2 quick and easy gifts, each can be made in less than 30 minutes – one is a tortilla warmer, perfect for anyone who loves Mexican food – doesn’t that include all of us and one for a headband, perfect for the physical fit enthusiast or anyone who loves headbands etc. Watch the show, it is fun to watch and gifts are easy and fun to make. (Time 21:00; 2nd show begins at 13:05)

Episode 171: Fly Front Zipper for Jeans and Belt Loops

Watch a man who has made at least 300 pair of jeans Ron Collins, KING OF JEANS,  show you how to make non bulky belt loops and put in a fast and easy fly front. (Time 44:10)

Episode 170: Fixing Stretched Necklines

Nothing is more depressing than to find your latest t-shirt, top or sweater has a neckline which has stretched, is too big and simply not flattering. Yes, it can be fixed, let Sandra Betzina show you how. (Time 10:38)

Episode 169: Making the Go-to Skirt (Vogue 1430)

This 2 piece pattern, Vogue 1430, is fabulous but the lined straight pull on skirt is a classic. You can make it in an hour and I will lead you through the steps in this show.  Wear it with all of your big shirts and sweaters. The bottom is pegged and the skirt is really fabulous. If you would like to make it longer, draw a line perpendicular to the hip line. Add as much as you want. True up the side seams. This skirt is really a winner and I have made the blouse/jacket 5 times already. You will love them both. (Time 24:53)

Episode 168: Stand-up Collar Dress (Vogue 1429)

Watch Sandra lead you step-by step through the pattern using a knit fabric. You are going to love this pattern, Vogue 1429. She worked a long time to get the neckline just right.  You can wear this as a top, cut it a bit longer and wear it as a tunic or longer yet for a dress. If you have a bit of a tummy and you want to make the longer versions, make sure that you have 3 inches of ease over the tummy area to de-emphasize the tummy. (Time 38:47)

Episode 167: Simple Flap Pocket

Boiled wool is the perfect fabric for cooler weather. Learn how to make an extremely flat single layer pocket in this beautiful fabric. (Time 17:04)

Episode 166: Making A Vest With An Unusual Closure

Ron shows you how to make a classy closure and vest detailing with suede cloth. He makes the vest from pattern Burda 8274. (Time 20:18)

Episode 165: Puzzle Dress with Sleeve (Vogue 1234)

If you love Asian styling and want to make something truly unique, Vogue 1234 is the dress for you. Learn how to put a sleeve in this best selling dress if you never wear sleeveless but love the unique styling or just want a long sleeve. (Time 10:49)

Episode 164: Designer Neck Placket

Once you have a pattern which fits, why not change the look with a different neckline. Ron does it again with a beautiful neckline placket which is easy and flawless. Watch us. (Time 20:38)

Episode 163: Retro 1940’s Jacket (Vogue 1418)

Jackets of the 1940’s created a flattering silhouette for women of all sizes, creating a waist even if there is none. Inspired by not only this silhouette, but styling details of the period, Sandra Betzina designed Vogue 1418. View A has yoke and pocket detailing, View B has a streamlined style without the detailing, perfect to pretest the pattern for fit or for those whose time is limited. Watch for step-by-step construction with Sandra and Ron. (Time 38:43)

Episode 162: Puzzle Pant Construction (Vogue 1411)

I’m so proud of the look and fit of these narrow pants!  The assembly might be why they fit so well, I call it the puzzle pant because one view has lots of seams, enabling alterations and cool top-stitching details. If you have the pattern, Vogue 1411,  I invite you to put the pieces together as you watch the show.  Ron and I will lead you through all the seemingly tricky assembly and once you see the show, you will be able to put this pant together in your sleep. Then when you put them on, I think you will understand why they are so flattering!  I have 6 pairs of Today’s Fit V1411 and it is my favorite pant! (Time 24:08)

Offered for Free at


Episode 161: Success with Pleats- Tacking, Sewing and Hemming

Pleat detailing can be stunning if it is well executed. Learn how to mark pleats, sew them and treat them at the hem so that they always hang straight. Sandra is using Today’s Fit V1165 to show the pleat techniques. (Time 20:27)

Episode 160: Creating a Racerback

Racerback patterns are few and far between. Learn how to create a racerback and sew the armholes so that there is no gaposis. Use pieces you already own or any jacket pattern with set-in sleeves. Sandra is using Today’s Fit V1364 from Vogue Patterns. (Time 33:31)

Episode 159: Adjustable Waistband

Watch this clever solution for making a waistband capable of growing without being bulky. This treatment is so clever, you may want to put it on all your waistbands, even the ones from ready to wear. (Time 15:44)
Find Buttonhole Elastic at Vogue Fabrics

Episode 158: Changing Necklines (Vogue 1363)

Learn how to change necklines to get the look you want, add a yoke and join it to a neckline without stretching. This technique is shown using Today’s Fit pattern V1363. (Time 19:19)

Episode 157: Buttonholes in Stretchy Fabrics

Afraid to make buttonholes in stretchy fabrics? Not after you see this show. Machine buttonholes can be made in sweater knits, slippery knits or wovens with lycra once you know how to stabilize them correctly so that the buttonhole can have the same recovery as the stretch fabrics. (Time 17:38)

Episode 156: Mastering The Sashiko Machine

Love Sashiko stitching? Learn to do it by machine using the Baby Lock Sashiko machine. Be inspired with embellished Sashiko stitching by Ron as well as how to thread easily and adjust stitch easily to get the look you want. More machine and purchase details (Time 30:47)

Episode 155: Banded Dress(Vogue 1390)->”Inside Sandra’s Studio”

This will become your go-to dress. This dress is so comfy, perfect for any weather. It can be made up in anything. Sandra even has one in leather, which she wears over a sheer t-shirt. You will love having this in your wardrobe. Watch Sandra in her studio as she guides you through the construction of this great dress and she’s wearing it during the show, Today’s Fit Vogue 1390. (Time 51:08)

Episode 154: Bias Dress (Vogue 1391)-> “Inside Sandra’s Studio”

If you loved the movie the GREAT GATSBY or the bias looks of the 1920’s, come to Sandra Betzina’s studio while she constructs a bias dress from her bias dress pattern Today’s Fit Vogue 1391. Sandra lays out, cuts, marks and sews everything in this show. Making the dress is such a pleasure! (Time 71:09)



V1391 with Capelet

V1391 with Capelet


Episode 153: Lapped Over V-Neck

Ron will show his techniques for lapped over neck binding which he uses on his t-shirts and sports shirts. He loves Jalie 2918 pattern for his V-neck t-shirts, but the wonderful technique can be use on multiple patterns like Today’s Fit V1336. (Time 19:59)

Episode 152: Great “Jean” Jacket Look (Vogue 1036)

The sleeve detailing on Today’s Fit Vogue 1036 is cool enough to make you want to make this jacket.  See several versions of this cut jacket and then see how easy it is to do the sleeve detailing.  I love this sleeve so much that I even put it on another pattern. (Time 23:30)

Episode 151: Double-Sided Fabric

If you love boiled wool and any double-sided fabric, here is the way to work with it. For starters, take a look at the different boiled wools and learn to recognize the quality product. Since it does not ravel you can forget all of those seam finishes. Avoid bulky collars by avoiding upper seam. See new techniques for facings, pockets, seams and hems. See me work on my own pattern, Today’s Fit V1364, with this type of fabric. (Time 19:51)

*Sandra wears:  Today’s Fit V1297 polyester knit dress

Episode 150: Cowl Neck Tunic & Dress (Vogue 1386)-> “Inside Sandra’s Studio”

Come See Sandra B’s new studio! In it she will show you how to construct Today’s Fit pattern V1386, the tunic, cowl neck dress and slip. This pattern comes with short and long sleeves and makes a great top, in the case that you never wear dresses. (Time 33:55)

Episode 149: Fluted Neckline Blouse or Jacket (Vogue 1385)

You are going to love not only making this blouse but wearing it. This blouse has a comfortable not tight fit and makes-up nicely in soft cottons, silks and linens – all with equal success. If you love to make jackets, this takes a blouse pattern and makes it into a jacket. See the construction of the fluted neckline pattern Today’s Fit  Vogue 1385 so that the construction of yours will be fast and easy for you. (Time 16:03)

Episode 148: Tailored Jackets- Sleeves and Shoulder Pads

If you have always wanted to know how Ron Collins tailors his men’s suit jackets, you will want to watch this show. Like how did Ron get that fine point on the jacket lapel? You can use all of these techniques for women’s jackets too. This is the fourth and final part of jackets from A to Z or also known as the Master (Ron) Series of tailored jackets. 1st was Choice of Interfacing in Episode 143, 2nd was Darts in Episode 145 and 3rd was Collar Attachments & Facing. After seeing all of these shows, you will be fully equipped to make a tailored jacket with the sharp lapels of a tailored man’s suit. In this show you learn to apply the sleeves and shoulder pads on the way to finishing your jacket. (Time 53:34)

*Sandra is wearing Today’s Fit pattern V1345

Episode 147: Tailored Jackets- Collar Attachments & Facing-> Extended Show!

If you have always wanted to know how Ron Collins tailors his men’s suit jackets, you will want to watch this show. Like how did Ron get that fine point on the jacket lapel? You can use all of these techniques for women’s jackets too. This is the third part of jackets from A to Z or also known as the Master (Ron) Series of tailored jackets, there will be a total of 4 lessons with a focus on tailored jackets. 1st was Choice of Interfacing in Episode 143, 2nd was Darts in Episode 145. In this show you learn to apply the notched collar flawlessly every time as well as final touches for the finished product. So much information to be had in the this 80 minute episode. (Time 80:00)

Episode 146: Different Seams (Vogue 1260)

Some seams are more difficult to sew than others but once you know the tricks, these seams will be flawless with a little effort. Today’s Fit V1260 is used as example in show. (Time 39:30)

Episode 145: Tailored Jackets-Darts, Sewing & Pressing

If you have always wanted to know how Ron Collins tailors his men’s suit jackets, you will want to watch this show. Like how did Ron get that fine point on the jacket lapel? You can use all of these techniques for women’s jackets too. This is the second part of jackets from A to Z or also known as the Master (Ron) Series of tailored jackets, there will be a total of 4 lessons with a focus on tailored jackets. 1st was Choice of Interfacing in Episode 143 and now 2nd is Darts. (Time 37:04)

Episode 144: Lined Lace Pants (30-minute pant)

The 30-minute pant! These lined lace pants are fast and so fabulous. Most of us have a piece of lace around that we have been wanting to do something with for years. If it is cotton lace, remember the lace can be dyed! The show tells you how to get rid of the side seam in pants, cutting on the cross-grain and lining the pull-on pant for a spectacular end product. Ok, maybe an hour pant! Sandra is using pants in Today’s Fit pattern V1356. (Time 28:14)



Episode 143: Tailored Jackets-Choice of Interfacing

If you have always wanted to know how Ron Collins tailors his men’s suit jackets, you will want to watch this show.  Like how did Ron get that fine point on the jacket lapel? You can use all of these techniques for women’s jackets too. This will be the beginning of jackets from A to Z or the start of what can be known as the Master (Ron) Series of tailored jackets, there will be a total of 4 lessons with a focus on tailored jackets, this is the first. (Time 44:19)

*Sandra is wearing Today’s Fit jacket V1262 and T-shirt V1363

**Click to see where Suitmaker 601 & 602 is available

Episode 142: Vogue 1165 Pattern Adjustments

Sometimes a pattern just doesn’t seem to work! I’ll show you what to look out for in Vogue Pattern ‘Today’s Fit” V1165 and more importantly, how to fix it! (Time 16:13)




Episode 141: Unlined Jacket Construction of Vogue 1364 (Part 2)

The continuation of Episode 140 (Part 1) the step-by-step construction of Today’s Fit pattern Vogue 1364. Here are some tips on sleeve lining and finishing. Also how to make sure your fringe detailing the correct length. (Time 33:35)

Episode 140: Unlined Jacket Construction of Vogue 1364 (Part 1)

Every time you start a project, look closely at the pattern and identify any problem fitting areas. Watch this step-by-step class on the construction of this fabulous unlined jacket using Today’s Fit pattern Vogue 1364. This pattern has a relaxed fit, so a good fit in the shoulders is very important! (Time 37:04)



Episode 139: Basket Weave T-shirt

Let’s take our favorite T-shirt and create texture by using a basket weave overlay for the front. The effect is so dramatic and so beautiful, it is well worth the extra effort. (Time 18:00)

Sandra Betzina is wearing and using “Today’s Fit” Vogue Pattern 1363

Episode 138: The Perfect Fitting T-Shirt

Learn the formula for a perfect fitting t-shirt. Learn how and when to measure, allowance for varying stretch in fabric, dart removal, bust adjustments, broad back, rounded back, full arms. You can do this! Today’s Fit V1363 by Vogue Patterns is probably the best pattern to create the best fitting t-shirt. This show is a companion to Episode 137: The 1-Hour T-shirt. (Time 39:21)

Note: Sandra is wearing both Today’s Fit patterns V1363 and V1345

Episode 137: The 1-Hour T-Shirt (Vogue 1363)

Since T-shirt dressing has become a way of life for most of us, here is an episode on how to construct my Today’s Fit V1363 T-shirt pattern from Vogue Patterns . If you follow along and use my new T-shirt pattern, Vogue 1363, you will be thrilled with the results. What makes Vogue 1363 so special? A cut in narrow shoulder, beautiful neckline, high armhole, and very flattering cut. This may well be the last T-shirt pattern you will ever buy! (Time 45:25)

(Note: Power Net mesh shown from Rose City Textiles in Portland, OR. Contact info for salesperson Annette Leiser is 503-229-0395 ext.2 or email

Episode 136: Draped Front Necklines (Vogue 1334)

Learn a neat trick to create the beautiful drape on cowl necks that guarantees hidden underwear as well as other construction details on this beautiful blouse from Today’s Fit pattern V1334. (Time 29:11)



Episode 135: Golf (Polo) Shirt Placket

Learn how Ron applies his placket techniques to the front of a golf shirt. Can also be used on polo shirts or women’s blouses in silk and cotton. (Time 22:25)


Episode 134: Success with the Straight Skirt (Part 2)

Many people are afraid to wear straight skirts, but anyone can wear them and look good! Just allow enough room over the tummy!

We work with a woven skirt and also how to insert lining or finish with Petersham. Pattern Today’s Fit Vogue 7333 is a great one! (Time 40:36)

Episode 133: Success with the Straight Skirt (Part 1)

If you love straight skirts and love knits, Christine Jonson has 2 great patterns which are beautifully cut and well-fitting. It is for all body types not just slim hips, that is why one of the 2 patterns works for you. The 2 patterns are Pencil Skirt 330 and Straight Skirt (BaseWear Two #1025). These knits skirts can be used from day to night and will travel well too. Find out which style works for you and you may love it so much that you will want many skirts in multiple lengths and fabrics. (Time 38:01)

Episode 132: Upscale Yoga Pants (Vogue 1355)

Here’s an upscale yoga pant (Vogue 1355) that can go from the gym to cocktails. Easy to make and flattering! (Time 27:35)



Episode 131: Seam Embellishments for Gored Skirts

Let your seams do the talking with this clever 3 dimensional seam enhancement on a gored skirt pattern. Gored skirts are fun and classy, but they also lengthen you with its vertical lines.

Sandra is wearing top, Vogue 1260. (Time 17:40)

There is a gored skirt pattern available in “No Time To Sew” by Sandra Betzina (*no longer in print by Rodale Books publisher)

Episode 130: Covered Snaps and Home Remedies for Stain Removal

Hate to make buttonholes?  You can still have a couture closing by making covered snaps. They work great and they look great!

– Plus an added feature – Home Remedies for Stain Removal – Some work and some don’t!  Sandra and Ron do a little investigation into which remedies are successful. (Time 22:22)

Episode 129: Adding Sleeves to a Sleeveless Pattern (Vogue 1297)

Have a pattern without sleeves?  Here’s an easy way to add them and have a sleeve you like!

A pattern that works for this is Today’s Fit Vogue 1297. (Time 17:51)

Episode 128: Measuring and Fitting Men’s Shirts

Learn exactly how to take the crucial measurements on a man’s body, then, find out how to get extra fabric where you need it without affecting the style lines! (Time 37:39)

Episode 127: Simple Travel Jacket (Vogue 1243)

I traveled a lot this year, Slovenia, Croatia, Vietnam, Hong Kong. This attractive and versatile jacket is from Today’s Fit Vogue 1243 and it went with me everywhere. Watch me make the simple travel jacket and hopefully you will be making one of your own! (Time 16:37)


Episode 126: Tricky Necklines (Vogue 1275)

Since the neckline is a focal point, it must be flawless – Learn the tricks for binding necklines which will lie flat. A good pattern to try this with is Today’s Fit Vogue 1275. (Time 17:40)

Episode 125: Dollar Store Notions

Did you know that you can find all kinds of great products for you sewing room at the Dollar Store?
Ron shares his secret discoveries! (Time 18:50)

Episode 124: Detachable Collars with Magnets (Vogue 1318)

Magnets are the answer to securing detachable collars!  A detachable collar is the answer to changing the look of a coat.  Instead of attaching it with buttons or snaps, learn how to work with magnets. A pattern to try this with is Today’s Fit Vogue 1318. (Time 59:50)

Episode 123: Pillow Sham with Invisible Zipper

Pillow Sham with Invisible Zipper – Now you can make these beautiful pillow shams with an invisible zipper! (Time 49:33)

Episode 122: Changing a Blouse Pattern to a Dress!

How many times have you tried to extend a blouse or top pattern into a dress?  Learn to do it the right way, Sandra will show you some tricks to maintain the style and the line! She is working with Today’s Fit top V1333 and wearing it as well. (Time 16:09)


Episode 121: Working with Thinsulate

Working with Thinsulate – Thinsulate can provide the warmth you need without the bulk.  Learn the tricks you need to know to work with Thinsulate successfully! (Time 18:07)

*Where to find Thinsulate:

1) Vogue Fabrics Store

2) Seattle Fabrics, Inc.

3) Century Textile
1841 Avenue C North
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7L 1L9
Ph: 306 652 0994

4) Out of Hand
12 – 6449 Crowshild Trail SW
Calgary, Alberta
T3E 5R7
Ph: 403 217 4871

Episode 120: Same Pattern, Different Looks Jeans (Vogue 1034)

Same pattern, different looks Jeans– Ron shows how to create different looks for the same jean pattern for men, but these can work for women too!   Jean styling is so flattering and fabric is not limited to denim!  Take a look at jeans with a whole new vision! (Time 16:04)

A pattern to try is Today’s Fit Vogue 1034



Men’s Pattern: Kwik Sew 3504  Sandra is wearing: Vogue 1124

Episode 119: The Butterfly Blouse (Vogue 1291)

The butterfly blouse – Make it in silk, make it in a knit!  Everything you need to know for a beautiful butterfly blouse! (Time 33:33)

Use pattern Today’s Fit Vogue 1291 to construct the Butterfly Blouse.

Episode 118: Mastering the Zipper Front Jacket

Whether the zipper is exposed or hides behind a front placket, there are a few tricks you need to know to make separating zippers functional and professional looking. Sandra and Ron show you what you need to know to put a separating zipper in any fabric. (Time 19:45)

Episode 117: Tailored Breast Pocket

A breast pocket on a man or woman’s jacket is positioned to be a focal point, so it better be perfect.  Both Sandra and Ron have made many jackets over the years. Watch these two collaborate on the construction of a flawless breast pocket with a flap that covers the opening. (Time 22:04)

Episode 116: Fringe and Shirred Embellishments

Chanel was the first to make her cardigan style soft jacket with self fabric fringe and ready to wear has copied this idea for years.  Learn a couture technique from Sandra and Ron to make your own self-fringe, which creates a lush self fringe with no bulk in the seam allowance.  Next you will see a couple of ideas for using selvage and adding a belted back for a high fashion look. (Time 21:16)

Episode 115: Sunburst Pleated Skirt

If you have fallen in love with the look of the pleated skirt…this is the class to watch! Learn where to buy the fabric, how to sew it, hem it, and elasticize the waist!  Within 2 hours you could be wearing this skirt! (Time 28:09)

*Available for Free for a limited time for those without 1 Year Subscriptions. Click here to watch Episode 115: Sunburst Pleated Skirt for free!

Episode 114: Clean Finishes For Waistbands

Learn how to eliminate waistband bulk and any raw edges, or telltale signs at the ends of your waistband.  Get a professional appearance on both the outside and inside of band. Nice clean lines on the waistband! (Time 22:47)

Episode 113: Ribbon Embellishments

Watch Sandra show Ron how to create three-dimensional embellishment from flat ribbon!  This technique adds so much to a garment and is the perfect solution when no piping or trim seams to look quite right. (Time 16:14)

Episode 112: Flawless Machine Buttonholes

Learn 6 different machine buttonhole applications with advice on which buttonhole to use with a variety of fabrics.  Never be intimidated by machine buttonholes again! (Time 30:43)

Episode 111: Embellishments with Piping

Piping in a seam or along an edge, is the easiest way to show off a design detail.  Watch Sandra show Ron everything she knows about single piping, double piping, making piping from braid, and attaching piping so it doesn’t draw up the seam.  Once you view this show, you too will be a master in the piping world! (Time 19:45)

Episode 110: Half Lining for Blouses and Jackets (Vogue 1243_C)

Watch as Sandra shows Ron a simple technique to half-line a garment by merely extending the front facing over to the side seam.  Lining the entire front of a garment gives more coverage to semi-transparent fabrics. This creates more of a finish to the entire front by eliminating any need for seam finishing.  This couture technique elevates your garment to the next level. Can be used on pattern Today’s Fit Vogue 1243 view C. (Time 25:38)



Episode 109: Mandarin Collar

A Mandarin Collar can be flattering to all figures if the width of the collar is correct.  Watch Sandra and Ron show you how to make the focal point at the center front, which is where the collar joins.  This technique will guarantee that each end of the collar is identical and looks professional.  As an added bonus, Ron shows you his faux sashiko stitch, which can be done on your home sewing machine. (Time 28:12)

Episode 108: Redesigning A Pattern

Few patterns offer you exactly what you are looking for when it comes to creating a figure-flattering garment. Sometimes, subtle pattern changes are just what you need to make this happen. In this show, Sandra and Ron teach you how to alter patterns in order to get the look you want in more complicated styles. Happy Sewing! (Time 27:35)

Episode 107: You Asked For It Alterations

It is great to wear perfectly- fitting  garments!  In this episode, Sandra and Ron show you how raise necklines on wrap styles, alter ready-to-wear pants for a small waists, expand front pants for a large tummy, shorten front crotch only, and how to walk  the seams to prevent mystery wrinkles on pants. (Time 26:37)

Episode 106: Great Travel Purse

If you are planning a trip this summer, you’ll want a purse that lies flat against the body and is not too heavy. Sandra welcomes Cheryl Kuscak from Paradiso Designs as she provides you with a free pattern and demonstrates the techniques required to make a perfect travel purse (Cross Body Bag) just for you! Bon Voyage! (Time 35:12)

Episode 105: Yoke Detailing Western Shirts

Saddle up and watch as Ron Collins shows you how to sew and embellish a Western shirt. As the former owner of a custom shirt business, Ron sure knows his stuff! (Time 18:59)

Episode 104: Tricks To Working With Bias

People love bias cut garments because they are so flattering and look great. Watch as Sandra and Ron show you some tricks of the trade to making a bias cut garment with the perfect fit just for you! (Time 26:22)

Episode 103: Jean Jacket Pocket

Jean jacket pockets can be a devil to sew because of all of the bulk. Watch as Sandra and Ron take you step-by-step to constructing a workable jean jacket pocket with details that will make it look absolutely fabulous! (Time 21:11)

Episode 102: The Ultimate Pencil Skirt-The Samba

Watch as Sandra and Ron teach you to make Sandra’s favorite pencil skirt, “Samba Skirt”. You’ll get compliments every time you wear it and you only need 1 yard of fabric. It’s so cute, so easy, and, best of all. . .no fit! (Time 19:26)

Episode 101: Centered and Lap Zippers

Sandra and Ron show you two special techniques for installing a lapped or centered zipper. Watch as they demonstrate the tricks to make your zippers work for you. (Time 30:44)

Episode 100: Slimming Pull-On Straight Skirt (Vogue 1292)

Learn how to make a straight skirt that will be flowing and slimming to your waistline. Watch as Sandra Betzina and Ron Collins show you step-by-step how to create this fabulous slimming straight skirt. Use pattern, Today’s Fit Vogue 1292. (Time 15:27)



Episode 99: Secrets of a Jacket Interior (Couture Facings)

The inside of your jacket speaks volumes about your sewing skills as well as your taste. Here is a rare opportunity to learn Ron’s finishing techniques which enable his garments to be worn with pride when the inside looks as good as the outside you have mastered the craft! (Time 12:13)

Episode 98: Fixes for Too Tight Blouses

You know the culprit, are those cookies! The result is blouses and jackets that are too tight! You probably spent a lot of time making it, or a lot of money buying it, but now it doesn’t close in front! Watch S show R some clever expansion techniques which are now posing as design details! (Time 18:42)

Episode 97: Easy Designer Pillows + Men’s Patterns

If you feel like your livingroom could use a makeover, but find the whole process daunting, not only in time but in money. The answer to this dilemma, is Sandra and Rons Fast Designer Pillows. You can make four in an afternoon and be admiring them with a glass of wine before dinner! PLUS: Ron shows you some great Men’s Patterns! (Time 16:19)

Episode 96: Button Loops

Button loops can be functional or decorative, but if you are making more than one, you better learn this technique from S & R which will guarantee that all of them are the exact same size, even on a tricky fabric like chiffon. (Time 15:30)

Episode 95: Double Welt Pocket with Zipper

Stores are full of garments using zippers as details! Watch this show as Sandra & Ron show you a clever zipper application, which involves not only a pocket but a beautiful interior to your garment. (Time 20:45)

Episode 94: Unstructured Jackets

Often the third piece in an outfit is the one that pulls it all together! See a wardrobe of unstructured jackets that cover the arms and give your outfit some pizzazz! If you are one of many who hate to show your arms or you want to give your outfit a finishing touch, this show is a must! (Time 13:42)

Episode 93: Copying Ready to Wear

If you are stumped about where to find new ideas, watch how Sandra & Ron recreate styling details from ready to wear garments and pictures in magazines. Just seeing this show will give you a barrage of ideas for your next garment. (Time 31:29)

Episode 92: Working with Sweater Knits

If you are lucky enough to find a sweater knit you love, you want to make a wise choice when choosing a pattern. While the obvious choice would be a sweater, you need not be limited to using the fabric in this way! Get inspiration from Sandra and Ron on how they use sweater knits, and learn how to cut them, and sew them and hem them without out stretching them out of shape. (Time 20:44)

Episode 91: Unusual Techniques for Border Prints

Unless you want to make a skirt with a gathered waist, most sewers steer away from border print fabric because they don’t know what to do with it! S & Ron show you how you can use border print fabrics in untraditional ways, cutting them apart and adding to individual pattern pieces and how to position the tissue pattern on the border print to get the most flattering effect. (Time 18:03)

Episode 90: Baby Clothes Trunk Show

If you find baby clothes patterns rather limited in stores, you need to watch this show! We’ll introduce a new line of baby clothes patterns that are stylish and easy to put together. Great ideas, like using a tee shirt and adding a skirt! (look at show and check out the diaper cover) (Time 21:51)

Episode 89: Detachable Collars

Wouldn’t be great to make one coat or jacket that could have several different looks! Watch Sandra show Ron how she makes detachable collars and joins them to the inside facing with buttons or snaps. This technique is not difficult and it creates several different looks! (Time 17:02)

Episode 88: Men’s Patterns and Neckline Gaposis

Ron Collins and Sandra Betzina share two ideas.  Ron shows men’s patterns that are his favorites and Sandra shares her technique to alter a knit blouse that gaps in the front. Create a smooth fit without gaposis! (Time 11:49)

Episode 87: The Slouch Bag

Sandra Betzina and her guest Cheryl Kuczek  from Paradiso Designs show you one of Cheryl’s most popular designs, the Slouch Bag!  This is an easy to make purse that you can create in a day! (Time 31:36)

Click Here to download the Slouch Bag construction instructions from Sew Daily.

Episode 86: Care Code Instructions

Ever looked at those little symbols in ready to wear and on fabric rolls and wonder, “What the heck do they mean?” Ron Collins and Sandra Betzina did some sleuthing to bring you answers so you won’t have to find out the hard way that you shouldn’t have washed that beautiful garment you just created! (Time 18:57)

Episode 85: Burn Test & Curved Hem

There are some practical things every sewer should know when it comes to fabrics  does it burn and how fast! Watch Ron do the burn test to get information on the fabric content.Then, stay with us when Sandra Betzina and Ron show some great ways to tackle a curved hem so they always come out even! (Time 17:48)

Episode 84: Bulk Free Pocket in a Side Seam

Sandra Betzina and Ron Collins solve the problem of the bulky pocket! Here is a fool proof method for creating flat pockets in your garments. Plus how to jazz a pocket up with a little trim! (Time 12:49)

Episode 83: Vent Opening in Pants

Add a little kick to pants you make with a side vent opening! Sandra Betzina will show you a technique for updating your pants whether there is a seam to work with or not, and you can use it on sleeves too! (Time 14:34)

Episode 82: Men’s Waistbands

Ron shares his guaranteed method for the perfect waistband for men’s pants. Difficult problems are solved when Ron shows you techniques he has discovered to make waistbands that are bulk free, smooth and  keeps your shirt tucked in! (Time 20:47)

Episode 81: Decorative Stitching

Create fabulous looks with decorative stitching from your sewing machine! Ron Collins and Sandra Betzina show sewers machine stitches that will create a customized look for your jackets, shirts and blouses. (Time 22:24)

Episode 80: Circle Skirt

Sandra welcomes Cheryl Kuczek, owner of Paradiso Designs in Seattle. Cheryl gives you a step-by-step demonstration on how to make a circle skirt that will fit any body type. This great skirt has no side seams and will make a wonderful addition to your summer wardrobe! (Time 36:07)

Episode 79: Machine Pad Stitching

If you’ve ever wondered how to get smooth professional looking lapels on a jacket, check out this show. Sandra Betzina and Ron Collins give you tips on how to use your sewing machine to create perfect machine pad stitching. This technique will help you create lapels that have body and lie flat! (Time 16:50)

Episode 78: V-Neckline Insert

Sandra & Ron demonstrate how to create great-looking V Neckline Inserts. Learn to master angles on neckline binding with finished edges on the right and wrong side of the garment. Learn to create interesting textures on fabric for collars, lapels and cuffs! (Time 18:22)

Episode 77: Serger Techniques

Now that you know how to use and maintain your serger, it’s time for the next step. Watch as Sandra and Ron show you serger techniques to give your garments a couture finish! (Time 11:17)

Episode 76: Serger Know-How

Do you know how to use and maintain your serger? Sandra and Ron will show you how to thread a serger and keep it in good working order! (Time 21:46)

Episode 75: Notched Collars

Ron Collins masters a technique for the difficult multi-layers of a notched collar. Watch as he demonstrates this unique technique for Sandra, resulting in a smooth collar that lies flat and crisp! (Time 17:41)

Episode 74: Welt Pockets

Welt pockets are always a classy addition to any garment, especially if they are executed flawlessly. Sandra and Ron demonstrate how to create a welt pocket in whatever position you wish! (Time 23:01)

Episode 73: Designer Details

Ron and Sandra show how to add designer details to shirts, dresses and jackets. These easy techniques will make your garments  “Runway” worthy! (Time 24:23)

Episode 72: Invisible Stitch Patch Pockets

Learn a world-class lined pocket technique with NO visible outside stitching, yet is strong enough to hold your cell phone and a lot more. Watch as Sandra and Ron show you how it’s done (Time 21:42)

Episode 71: Window Pocket plus Nifty Notions

Sandra and Ron show you how to insert a pocket in a side seam which avoids bulk and lies flat. This online sewing class also includes a review of the Hong Kong Finish as requested. (Time 17:00)

Episode 70: Pant Front Stay

Discover how you can create pants that hide the tummy just by using a front stay hidden behind your front pockets! Then, watch as Ron and Sandra share their favorite interfacing for collars, shirts, waistbands and jackets. (Time 15:06)

Episode 69: Success with Snaps

Sandra and Ron share their favorite snap setting tool and show you how easy it is to set in snaps that stay in the fabric. Then, join Sandra in her workshop as she shares her pattern design process and gives you a surprise peek at her button stash! (Time 13:52)

Episode 68: Neckline Finishes

In this class, we answer a “You Asked For It” Forum question, from a student who wants to know how to stabilize necklines. Watch as Sandra demonstrates her tried-and-true method on how to get any neckline, including wrap styles, to lie flat without gaping. (Time 21:12)

Episode 67: Draperies with Grommets

Want to add a new look to your home? Sandra and Ron show you how to create beautiful lined draperies with grommets, and the secrets to measuring and hemming correctly. Learn how to insert over-sized grommets. (Time 24:28)

Episode 66: Ruffle vs. Flounce

Learn the difference between a ruffle and a flounce and which to use to create the effect you want. Next, Sandra and Ron will show you techniques for working with stretch tulle. (Time 14:18)

Episode 65: Men’s Alterations

By popular demand, Ron and Sandra bring you a show on Men’s alterations get the right fit for men’s shirts and jackets! (Time 22:06)

Episode 64: Table Runner and Napkins

Dress up your holiday table with easy-to-do table runners and napkin rings which also make special gifts. Then have a laugh with Sandra and Ron as they show you their “flops” along with the very first garments they ever made! (Time 15:44)

Episode 63: Lining Knit Pants (Vogue 1197)

Learn a sewing technique for lining knit pants to keep knees from bagging out while hiding figure irregularities. Sandra will give a behind-the-scenes look at her fabric stash reveal a great place to buy knits.Try this with pattern, Today’s Fit Vogue 1197. (Time 15:35)



Episode 62: Drapery Panels With Hidden Tabs

Add a touch of elegance to your home. Learn how to make drapes with hidden tabs and easy-to-do panels. Plus, get a quick tip that you can do without threading a needle! (Time 14:52)

Episode 61: Invisible Zippers

In this class, Sandra and Ron share secrets that will guarantee your invisible zippers will remain hidden and professional looking. (Time 18:31)

Episode 60: Working With Fur

Furs are not created equal. Let Sandra and Ron teach you how to work with real and faux fur. Whether its long fur or short fur, learn tips and techniques that will make your garments look professional! (Time 21:20)

Episode 59: The Wonders of Silk Thread

There have been many misconceptions about the use and cost of silk thread, but the benefits certainly outweigh the myths. Sandra and Ron tell you the story behind this wonderful, strong and versatile strand of material and also show you how to use it when sewing garments and lightweight invisible buttonholes. (Time 13:09)

Episode 58: Copying Pants

Do you own a favorite pair of pants that you would love to copy? Sandra shows you how to duplicate those pants without taking them apart. All you’ll need is the pants, some good measurements and you’re on the way to creating a twin of your favorite pants! (Time 23:40)

Episode 57: Boxy Vest

Vests can look boxy and unflattering if they don’t have princess seams or darts. Quilted fabrics can pose a special challenge. Sandra shows you a sewing technique for creating shape and eliminating bulk, even on a vest that is already finished! (Time 20:35)

Episode 56: Double Welt Pocket with Zipper

Zipper detailing is everywhere. Add this terrific detail to your next garment. Learn how to sew a double welt pocket with a zipper. Ron shares a marvelous technique that creates a welt look with a zipper in the middle. (Time 16:29)

Episode 55: Bound Buttonholes

Bound buttonholes are quite elegant, but can be time consuming to make with unpredictable results. Watch as Sandra demonstrates a technique that produces perfection every time! You will love this step-by-step method of creating bound buttonholes. (Time 20:01)

Episode 54: Lined Patch Pockets

Sandra and Ron show you how to dress up patch pockets by lining them with fashion colors and embellished prints. Added bonus:  Ron and Sandra introduce you to books that inspire design and innovative techniques! (Time 14:51)

Episode 53: Lining A Jacket

Sandra and Ron make bagging the lining an easy technique to master as they show you step-by-step methods to create a lining that is a ‘ready-to-wear’ beauty! (Time 27:27)

Episode 52: Front Yoke Pockets

Ron shows Sandra his best techniques for getting the bulk out of front yoke pockets when making a denim jacket. Plus, Ron shares his secrets on where to find the best men’s patterns and includes a few tips on button attachments and sewing books! (Time 16:06)

Episode 51: Boxer Shorts

Share some laughs with Sandra and Ron as they walk you through this easy-to-accomplish sewing project that you can make for yourself or the man in your life. Don’t like boxers? This pattern also comes with instructions for pull-on pajama pants! (Time 25:43)

Episode 50: Mitered Vents

Vent detailing show up on the back of jackets, straight skirts and hemlines on sleeves. Sandra and Ron give you sewing tips for creating bulk- free mitered vents on sleeves and hems. (Time 11:55)

Episode 49: Patch Pockets

Patch pockets are simple and easy if you know how to sew them! Ron and Sandra will show you how to create patch pockets with perfect corners and a crisp look! Flawless top stitching adds them to the garment. (Time 18:14)

Episode 48: Shopping In Your Closet (Vogue 1307)

Beyond sewing! Clean out that closet and create a new wardrobe at the same time. Sandra and Ron have some great ideas on updating the clothes your already own. Save money and still get a new look. Plus, catch the special segment, ”Updating Your Clutch”, at the end of the show. (Time 14:01)



Episode 47: Tummy Alterations

Are you one size in the shoulders and chest, but need some extra room around the tummy? Sandra shares an alteration technique to create garments that fit you in the tummy area without a big and boxy look. Now you can get jeans, jackets and blouses to fit and look great! (Time 18:40)

Episode 46: Hemming with Pleats

Sandra and Ron are always finding new ways to make great garments look even better. In this episode, they share their best techniques for hemming pleats and working with pre-pleated fabric. (Time 20:12)

Episode 45: Sewing Studio Transformation

How would you like to see an inspired sewing workspace? This show was taped about 6 months before the death of talented seamstress and instructor, Fred Bloebaum. See photos of Fred’s once-cluttered sewing room transformed into a light and organized workspace. (Time 12:55)

Episode 44: Alterations for Men & Women

Garments which fit are not only more comfortable but more flattering. Learn to alter a pattern for all body types. Sandra and Ron give you some wonderful tips on altering your coats, blouses and pants. (Time 13:23)

Episode 43: Underlining With Silk Organza

Underlining provides hidden support, giving fabric more body, eliminating wrinkles and hiding hand stitches. Sandra and Ron discuss the merits of underlining with silk organzas well as other choices such as soft cotton and fusible tricot for special effects. (Time 15:26)

Episode 42: Cool Pockets

Learn how to make unique pockets seen in better ready to wear. Sandra and Ron show you step-by-step sewing techniques for pockets, plus great tips that will save you from that baggy pocket look! (Time 11:07)

Episode 41: Working With Boiled Wool

Boiled wool is one of Sandra’s favorite fabrics. Learn how to sew seams, treat collars and details to eliminate bulk. Watch this episode and learn unique seam finishes that make garments look fashionably fabulous. (Time 20:34)

Episode 40: Working With Velvet

Working with velvet can be a challenging experience that is somewhat overwhelming. Sandra and Ron share their tips on how to tame this finicky fabric. You will also learn to create elegant, ruched collars and cuffs in an easy technique that will make your garment unique and fabulous! (Time 23:18)

Episode 39: Creating A Table Runner

Watch as Sandra and Ron show you how to make a beautiful table runner. Make one to dress up your table for the holidays or to make a unique gift for a friend. Arrange it in loose folds to create a sense of drama and opulence! (Time 19:05)

Episode 38: Placemats and Napkins

Want to create a unique and personalized gift? Sandra and Ron show you how to make really easy and elegant placemats and napkins, with step-by-step, tried and true methods. Get advice on the best fabrics and best finishing techniques. (Time 29:21)

Episode 37: European Pillow Shams

European Pillow Shams are elegant and expensive. Ron and Sandra show techniques to make your own European pillow shams which look upscale and store-bought without the hefty price tag! (Time 13:12)

Episode 36: Making A Duvet Cover

Duvet covers are expensive to buy, but easy to make. Sandra and Ron show you how to make a great duvet cover for your bed, giving you cut and measurements for all bed sizes. Enjoy this show and look out for some surprising results! (Time 18:53)

Episode 35: Wild Ginger Pattern Software

So you want to make your own patterns? Ron and Sandra are big fans of Wild Ginger Software. This show brings special guest Lisa Shanley, owner of Wild Ginger Software to demonstrate how her innovative pattern software works. (Time 17:18)

Episode 34: Working With Shearling

Make a fashion statement with real or faux shearling! Sandra will show Ron techniques to make a beautiful Mongolian lamb vest for under $200 (nearly $1,000 in ready-to-wear!). Learn to sew seams like the furriers do without a fur machine. (Time 22:04)

Episode 33: Favorite Fabrics

Sandra and Ron show some of their sewing disasters. Then learn about Sandra and Ron’s favorite and least favorite fabrics. Cultivate a love for fabrics that guarantee successful garments, and reduce those failures to zero! (Time 20:38)

Episode 32: Continuous Bias

You know how expensive purchased binding can be! What if you need yards and yards of it? Sandra and Ron will show you how to get 142 inches of binding 1 3/4 inches wide from just a 16 1/2 inch square of fabric! See how to apply it so neither the edge nor the binding will stretch. Click here for written instructions. (Time 13:26)

Episode 31: Sleeve Alterations

Tired of sleeves that are tight or don’t hang right? Sandra and Ron will show you alterations to fit sleeve problems or a variety of sleeve styles. Well-fitting sleeves not only feel better but slim the arm. (Time 16:56)

Episode 30: Specialty Needles

There are basic needles and specialty needles made to work with specific fabrics. Sandra and Ron will show you some very special needles and presser feet for special effects at the sewing machine! Take your sewing to a whole new level. (Time 7:53)

Episode 29: Deconstructing Trousers

Have you seen the price tags on designer pants? Sandra and Ron show you the inside story of pants! Sandra and Ron take a look at all the designer details that make trousers look like a million bucks. It’s all in the construction! (Time 10:59)

Episode 28: Collars & Collar Stays

Ron Collins is a master at creating collars with sharp crisp points. Ron had a custom shirt business in Canada before he started teaching. In this show he reveals all his tried-and-true secrets on how to get rid of the bulk and create collars that look sharp and professional! (Time 22:36)

Episode 27: Threading With Kim

Sandra and Ron take on the challenge of teaching Sandra’s daughter, Kim, to sew in this step-by-step lesson on threading difference machines. This is the perfect show for anyone who has a machine that intimidates them, or just doesn’t remember how to thread it! (Time 15:43)

Episode 26: Lining A Sleeveless Dress

Check out Sandra’s easy technique for lining a sleeveless dress. Learn to attach a lining so it moves independently. Sandra and Ron give a step-by-step lesson on how to make shoulder attachments lie flat and match perfectly! (Time 17:49)

Episode 25: Seam Finishes To Be Proud Of

Create wow factor in your next garment by using seam finishes which are attractive on the inside and outside of your finished garment. Sandra and Ron demonstrate techniques that will finish your garments with clean, neat seams and help you create a clean, polished look. (Time 16:41)

Episode 24: Problems With Dolman Sleeves

Anyone can wear dolman sleeves if the curve under the arm is high enough. This is not only more flattering, but less bulky. Learn from Sandra as she demonstrates how to raise the seam, sew, and crack the seam so that stitches don’t break during the wearing. (Time 7:50)

Episode 23: Needle Know-How #2

Ron and Sandra introduce you to micro-tech needles that are made for very dense fabrics or light weight silks and organzas, sharp and designed to make a very small hole in the fabric so it doesn’t destroy the weave. Ron and Sandra will discuss the importance of using the correct needle so seams won’t ripple and pucker. (Time 12:41)

Episode 22: One-Thread Sewing

If you sew on fine fabrics, you need to know this couture trick of machine sewing with only one thread. Ron shows Sandra how to “trick” the sewing machine into using only one thread! No more hanging threads at the very point of the dart. (Time 8:08)

Episode 21: Lining A Vest

There are numerous ways to line a vest.  Sandra and Ron show you the best method to use when you have narrow straps and how to get the lining to behave, stay hidden and not pull up the hemline! (Time 12:35)

Episode 20: Pressing Know-How

Ironing is different than pressing. The nuances of pressing as you sew make all the difference in the final product. Learn how to use some of the pressing tools which eliminate seam and hem show through. No more shiny suits, no more seams and hem lines showing through. You will also learn how to make a collar look sharp! (Time 11:40)

Episode 19: Needles For Leather

You can sew on leather and suede with a home sewing machine if you choose the right leather, use the correct needle, and pay attention to the thread. Sandra and Ron will show you tricks to make your garments look sharp. (Time 5:44)

Episode 18: Covering Shoulder Pads

Just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean your shoulder pads shouldn’t be covered. Sandra and Ron show you easy ways to cover those shoulder pads, where to place them with regard to the neckline and armhole seams and how to anchor them inside the garment invisibly so that they stay put. (Time 16:49)

Episode 17: Hemming Jeans

So, you bought yourself a great pair of jeans and now you want to hem them. Sandra and Ron show you how to measure the length correctly and then demonstrate two methods to shorten jeans for a professional look! (Time 14:39)

Episode 16: Interfacing For Tailoring

Choosing interfacing is as important as choosing your fabric, since the two must be compatible. Sandra and Ron show you how to choose the right interfacing for your coat or jacket, where and how to apply the fabric to give quiet support without the board or puckered look. (Time 11:26)

Episode 15: Elastic Waists

Who doesn’t love pull on pants and skirts? The mystery comes in choosing the right elastic and length to cut for a comfortable fit. Sandra and Ron will cover this as well as tricks to prevent elastic from rolling and bunching. An elastic waist can look professional, now you will know how. (Time 14:48)

Episode 14: Working With Burda Magazine

Burda Magazine offers over 50 patterns in ONE magazine! The photos make it look easy, but once you get it home it looks like Greek to most. Sandra and Ron eliminate the confusion, interpret the symbols, find your size, and outline the pattern. (Time 14:15)

Episode 13: Sewing On Knits

Sewing on knits is easy if you know the tricks. Sandra and Ron will show you how to identify the right and wrong side of the knit, what needle and stitch to use and how to sew seams and hem knits without stretching the fabric. (Time 15:48)

Episode 12: Perfect Pleats

Here’s a sure-fire way to mark and sew pleats so that the pleat does not ripple, stays closed within the garment, and flat and crisp in the hemline. no matter where you want to place them. On a dress, a blouse, a skirt or any other garment. Sandra and Ron show you the tricks! (Time 9:51)

Episode 11: Darts Of The Pros

Here’s a show that’s all about darts: the purpose of them and where to place them to adjust to your body. Darts that are placed properly do not pucker at the ends! Sandra and Ron show you how to mark them easily and how to sew them. (Time 13:00)

Episode 10: Rounded Back

Altering a pattern for a rounded back is easy if you know how to do it. Sandra and Ron show you how to alter your patterns to eliminate pulling at the neckline and garments from hiking up and poking out of the back hemline. (Time 11:26)

Episode 9: Choosing The Right Knit

So many sewers choose a terrific pattern and use the wrong weight knit fabric. You’ll never have this problem when Sandra and Ron show you a fail-safe way to test a knit for drape and movement! (Time 12:15)

Episode 8: Men’s Patterns

Ron and Sandra discuss their favorite Men’s patterns, share techniques to embellish a simple pattern to make an ordinary shirt look great and review one of their favorite notions. Simflex is an easy tool to help you space buttons on your sewing projects. (Time 10:54)

Episode 7: Specialty Presser Feet

Have more fun creating special effects with the right sewing machine foot. Beading foot, Roller foot, Teflon foot – you won’t believe how many presser feet there are! Sandra and Ron show you exactly what each foot is for and how to use them. (Time 17:53)

Episode 6: Simple Set-In Sleeves

Learn an expert sewing technique to put in a sleeve. It’s simple and easy for 1-piece sleeve patterns. Sandra perfected this method and shares her technique with you! (Time 13:24)

Episode 5: Bias Binding

Want to give a professional look when you sew your next coat, jacket, or collar? Sandra and Ron show you some techniques that will give you a clean, elegant edge to your sewing project. Then, learn to work with bias binding to get the best results! (Time 18:31)

Episode 4: Needle Know-How

Sandra and Ron unravel the mysteries of which needle for which fabric and tell you how often you should change your needle. (Time 12:05)

Episode 3: Fusible Interfacing

So many interfacings are available, but which one will make your garment look professional and smooth? Sandra and Ron will guide you through the maze and show you which interfacing to use on a wide variety of fabrics to get the look and finish of ready-to-wear. (Time 19:52)

Episode 2: Curved Seams

Sewing a curved princess seam that looks smooth and professional can be a challenge! Sandra and Ron will show you a fool-proof method to create the perfect curved seam without the hassles or the puckers. Do it right the first time! (Time 10:11)

Episode 1: Fast And Easy Hems

 Sandra and Ron share their tips on hemming skirts and pants easily and still get professional results! Their techniques are so easy. Learn how to hem a skirt in five minutes, wear it immediately, and still get professional results! (Time 15:26)